Is This How “Skynet” Begins

I am sure that everyone that reads this blog is familiar with the term “Skynet”…that computer that runs everything on earth and dispatches terminators to do the dirty work….well it had to have a beginning and I think one of the spin-offs covered that…but could there be a “real life” beginning?

There has been some amazing leaps in AI research and it looks like the Penatgon is going to be the first to use it in search of “bad guys”…….

Turning hours of drone video into actionable intelligence is just the start for the fast-moving machine-learning team.

By year’s end, the Pentagon wants computers to be leading the hunt for Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, through turning countless hours of aerial surveillance video into actionable intelligence.

It’s part of Project Maven, a fast-moving effort launched last month by Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work to accelerate, improve, and put to wider use the military’s use of machine learning.

Source: The Pentagon’s New Algorithmic Warfare Cell Gets Its First Mission: Hunt ISIS – Defense One

Of course I am making light of the situation…but it is a good question when machines are starting to do a lot of our tasks and thinking for us…..

I still think that humans are better at making this decision than a machine….the machine can think faster but can it see the “not normal” that may arise from the intel?

I believe that a good analyst can see things that a machine will overlook as “not” important.

I know I am an old fart but I stand by my statement.

6 thoughts on “Is This How “Skynet” Begins

  1. I’m about to ask the LEAST asked question of the New Millennium….(And end this with the MOST used reasoning)

    “Gee, how could this possibly go wrong?”

    What the fuck is wrong with these people??? They’re so blinded by the quest for even more power, they’ve lobotomized themselves. They can’t think anything through anymore. The first thing an Artificial Intelligence will do is see us ALL as potential threats to be subdued and/or exterminated! Terminator is the obvious choice for comparison. The TV show Persons of Interest might actually be the best comparison. However, I’ve been in a 70’s mood lately so…

    What the Pentagon wants is almost EXACTLY the plot of a little known 1970 movie, Colossus: The Forbin Project. It starred Canuck legend Gordon Pinsent….another Canuck, Susan Clarke (Webster, Porky’s)…Mrs Cunningham from Happy Days…and the mustachioed British dude whose been on The Young & The Restless for the last 40+ years and was in a Planet of the Apes film.

    The basic premise is that the Pentagon has created a giant, indestructible, intelligent super-computer that will directly control, or issue commands for, all American military forces, spy agencies, etc. It will keep America safe by having instant access to all information and will process it centrally. It will act impartially, logically and without human error. Curiously, it uses a very Internet-like system to communicate, order, etc. Colossus will do what needs to be done. No more. No less. Peace through strength…& the glories of modern technology. Everyone in DC is jizzing their pants.

    Despite operating under 1960’s technology, this fascinating movie manages to get so much right. Colossus quickly (& rightly) sees us as irrational, emotional, infants who need to be controlled for their own good. Barring that, eliminated. Everyone soon realizes their colossal mistake, but not after it’s too late. They try to resist, but with limited success.

    In 2017, a real Colossus would also have access to tens of billions of cameras, stupid phones and data-bases up the ying-yang. It would know where virtually everyone is and what they’re doing at all times. It could profile everyone and likely predict their actions. It would have drones, missiles and all kinds of resources not even imaginable in 1970. We’d have not even 1 millionth the chance of resisting that Forbin’s folks had. And yet our “best & brightest” rush full speed ahead into this insanity for no other reason than “Because we can.” (aka the most popular reasoning of the day)

    Man, if our society makes it even halfway through this century…I’ll be astounded.

    1. I remember that movie and how yummy Susan Clarke was…..there are so many “advances” in tech that it is getting scary….Remember HAL in 2001…we are giving too much “power” to machines….chuq

      1. Oops, forgot the trailer…

        Yes, Susan Clark sure was “yummy”…(See all time Canadian box-office champ, Porky’s, for even more of her.)

        I saw a fantastic quality print of this movie on TV about 2 years ago. I was VERY impressed with both the story and the execution. To paraphrase Hollywood director John Landis, a VERY smart movie that 2017 eyes will incorrectly see as silly because the technology of the day is “slow & clunky”. However, the movie really brings you face-to-face with Artificial Intelligence and its inescapable cost. Colossus did its job EXACTLY as intended. It was us -specifically our “best & brightest”- that didn’t see the inevitable consequences. Life imitates art. We are surrendering unbelievable amounts of control over our lives without a moment’s thought.

        People worry about ISIS (Long live Archer!) and other bearded loons driving around deserts in pickup trucks. They are utterly meaningless blips, menaces only to their own neighbourhood. What people SHOULD be shitting their pants over is their beloved technology. Yeah, it’s giving us cancer, making us go blind and turning us even stupider & nastier. But it’s also straight-out replacing us, making us redundant. Robots build products. Sex-robots are about to replace human relationships, or at least hookers. Electronic mail replacing real Posties. On-line shopping. All kinds of shit that allows us to unemploy each other.

        Self-driving vehicles alone will probably eliminate millions of North American transportation jobs, one of the few jobs left that can’t be outsourced to Asian kids. Think of all these jobless losers who pretend to be (lesser-paid) cabbies (Uber etc) who will finally have to admit they’re jobless losers. And think of all the folks driving a cab/truck/bus/delivery vehicle. They’ll probably be unemployed within 10-15 years. What the fuck are they gonna do? Starve, or pick up a gun! Become Soylent Green maybe? Cause ain’t nobody else giving a fuck what happens.

        Shit, the fucktard Millennials already can’t figure out how to take a piss without asking Siri first. And just look at all these new “Hals” people are buying for their homes to look after them…by constantly listening in on them. Not only will millions of losers living in their basements pass time by hacking them, searching for anything “interesting”, accessing samples of your voice and fucking with your thermostats, ovens & life in general… but Colossus will really appreciate the intel.

      2. I saw both “Porky’s” back on the day….I agree the tech is getting out of hand…it is laziness and ignorance… is like sending messages to space…has anyone watched movies that never ends well….LOL chuq

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