The Tale Of Unit 731

A Wednesday and another of the professor’s history classes….(save the groans and moans for after the class)……

Does anyone remember your history?  Like Operation “Paper Clip” when at the end of the war in Europe teams of Americans rush to scoop up German scientists before the Soviets could do so.  Many of these “scientist” committed war crimes or at least looked the other way while they were being committed…all in the name of science.

These people got a free ride and avoided prosecution because of their “skills”.

Well Japan was not left out either……they had an infamous research unit called Unit 731 that carried out horrendous experiments on humans all in the name of science……and the US did the same as they had in Germany……they searched the countryside for these criminals so their “expertise” could be used by the US……

Upon my request, both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Simon Wiesenthal Center have released copies of a December 1998 letter from DOJ official Eli Rosenbaum to Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. In the letter, Rosenbaum admitted to Cooper that after World War II the United States government had classified records pertaining to a Japanese military unit that engaged in biological warfare experimentation and field trials on humans.

The letter, one of two released to this author, confirmed the U.S. “essentially assisted Japan in covering up the atrocities perpetrated by the unit.”

Source: Department of Justice Official Releases Letter Admitting U.S. Amnesty of Unit 731 War Criminals

Just as with the scientists in Germany….the US profited off the suffering of others by giving the Japanese war criminals a “get out of jail free” card.

That makes us as much a war criminal as those that committed the horrendous experiments.

Where should the line be drawn?


17 thoughts on “The Tale Of Unit 731

  1. Good post..I have researched some of this….Mad scientist! Are they human?
    Not posting much…I have had a belly full of politics…pure theatre.
    you might be interested…Tiananmen “Massacre”? and The Unrelenting Monopoly Media Agenda via @grtvnews
    Keep well chuq…see ya around. 🙂

  2. In time of war, I venture to bet that no country is innocent. The most clearly defined examples of Unit 731 I’ve read about was by a Japanese historian.

    1. Of course you are right….war is an obscenity and no hands are clean…..I watched a doc about the unit and they interviewed the historian you speak of…..have a good day and thanx for the comment….chuq

  3. Admittedly, the only reason I know OF Unit 731 prior to now was a 2-part episode of “The X-Files” where some of the backstory came up (and then it went to using the Japanese for alien experimentation, if I recall–always the aliens!)

    Nobody’s hands were clean in WW2. One of my favorite podcast episodes ever was Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History episode called “Logical Insanity,” where he supposes that the atomic bomb was basically the last war crime in a war that was pretty much nothing BUT war crimes from start to finish (and then appropriately backtracks to support his theory). I think he had something there, but the winners write the history books (and whitewash them where needed). Amazing how the apple pie America of myth looks in the light of day sometimes.

      1. As bad a rap THC used to get for being known as “The Hitler Channel,” at least you learned something with the documentaries. Nowadays it’s American Pickers and reality t.v. shows (with an occasionally good documentary special maybe on the weekends). It used to be my fave place on t.v., but now…sheesh.

      2. About the only history they have is “Ax Men”….a/holes cutting down some of the last old growth trees….U agree….sheesh chuq

  4. It should have been drawn at the end of the war and not crossed. We have still arrived at our crisis points without the war criminals. If you penalize the guard, you should penalize the scientist. ~~dru~~

  5. I like my history lessons a lot better…groovier music and fighting that (while almost as bloody) is a lot more entertaining. 😉 But to address the topic at hand…

    While I knew the WW2 Japanese had a lot of -er- “mistreatment” stories (POW abuse, “comfort women”, etc) I didn’t know they were that big into human experimentation. I thought that was more the purvey of The Master Race experimenting on their “sub-human” lessors. Mind you, isn’t that what all human experimentation boils down to? From untreated STDs among black soldiers, right down to testing new meds on broke ass young people? “Try it those inferior people. They’re expendable.”

    In a way, the post-WW2 US government behaviour actually proved the experimenters right. Instead of (universally) hunting down these war criminals, they anyone they thought could be even marginally useful to them go unpunished for their heinous crimes. “Yeah, what you did was bad. But…your victims actually were inferior. So, hey. How would like a job?”

    Remind me, who were the Good Guys again? Right, the guys who won.

      1. A firing line, perhaps?

        And we still see this bullshit today. Bush era War Crimes etc? Totally unpunished and most of the activities become officially adopted government policy. Hell, these pin-dick loser hackers living in their mom’s basement…not just unpunished, but hired and paid enough to move to a Caribbean villa.

        Shit, with 3 Strikes Laws, you get more time for stealing a pizza.

  6. The way that the allies pursued the former criminals from the Axis countries was shameful indeed. Like some corporate head-hunters, all trying to get the best rocket engineers and scientific Frankensteins on their side. It reminds me of how many influential people on ‘our side’ actually preferred the Germans during the war years, and suggested alliances with Germany and Japan to defeat ‘The Communists’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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