OMG! It’s Somalia (Again)

I am sure that every American is aware of the tragedy in Somalia if for no other reason than they have watched the movie, “Blackhawk Down”.

There seems to be a slow trickle of US troops back into the country of Somalia to fight terror…I recently gave my thoughts on this…….

Source: Somalia–Take A Right At Ethiopia – In Saner Thought

The Trump plan is to return special ops operatives into the country to fight the growing ISIS presence in East Africa…..the first encounter for our troops did not end so well….

The death of Navy SEAL Kyle Milliken and the wounding of two more U.S. troops in Somalia this month marked the first deadly engagement for American forces in the country since the Battle of Mogadishu of October 1993. The two events differ in notable respects, not least in their magnitude—the battle of October 3-4, 1993, resulted in 18 Americans killed and 79 wounded. But both operations reflect the adverse conditions that U.S. special-operations forces, and the United States more broadly, face in the world’s most dysfunctional states.

Back in the summer of 1993, warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid bedeviled an international coalition that was trying to restore order and build democracy in the midst of a vicious civil war in Somalia. A ruthless clan leader known for firing artillery into civilian neighborhoods and starving opposing clans into submission, Aidid had made himself the chief obstacle to the nation-building project. The Clinton administration had removed a large U.S. Marine force months earlier and transferred authority over the remaining international troops to the United Nations. Madeleine Albright, Clinton’s UN ambassador, declared at the time, “[W]e will embark on an unprecedented enterprise aimed at nothing less than the restoration of an entire country as a proud, functioning and viable member of the community of nations.”

Source: How American Special Operators Gradually Returned to Somalia – The Atlantic

There seems to be a push to insert American troops into every corner of the globe all with the intention of armed conflict.

The dangers of this type of foreign policy, if we can call it that, are too numerous to count.  And yet the American people are perfectly fine with this world-wide escalation…..and apparently the deaths that will go with it.



8 thoughts on “OMG! It’s Somalia (Again)

  1. Yeah, I only knew about Somalia because of the flick “Black Hawk Down” (though in my defense, I was only 10 years old when the event occurred and didn’t know much geography yet). Why we think we need to fight every damned thing is beyond me, and driving me nuts. You know, the more we kill, the more we breed hate. Why don’t we do the “hearts and minds” schtick without the bullets and bombs behind us? Why not intelligence on the ground? The government’s so jazzed up about it’s technology that they don’t realize it still takes PEOPLE to make things happen, dammit.

  2. There is no Somalia – as a nation state – there is an area known as Somalia that is ruled as it has long been ruled by numerous clans – none of which have any loyalty except to themselves. It is the result of generations of mishandling by Italians, French, British and Americans for their interests and not the interests of those who live there. It will be an open sore until the people living there decide they want the situation to change.

  3. Ned has the right take on this. Foreign aid snatched by rival gangs to feed troops and finance ongoing wars. Then a western world that refuses to try to understand the tribal complexities of a place that was never really a country, until colonial powers drew the borders on a map.
    A ‘problem’ that is never going to go away.
    Regards, Pete.

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