“Loose Lips Sink Ships”

The title is from a poster printed during the WW2 era.

They say that it is the “Ship of State”….and our ship has sprung a leak……

Where does all this tie together?

Well, it seems that Trump and his cronies are concerned about all the leaks that are pouring out of the White House……it is so bad that the Trump White House is said to be the leakiest one in history.

While journalists always like having as many sources as they can, time constraints usually mean each story will rely on only a few (sometimes as few as one). Five is better, 10 is fantastic. But recently we’ve seen lines like this one, from a Washington Post article examining the behind-the-scenes scrambling around the firing of FBI Director James Comey, particularly regarding the utterly implausible line the White House was putting out about how and why Comey was sacked: “But the private accounts of more than 30 officials at the White House, the Justice Department, the FBI, and on Capitol Hill, as well as Trump confidants and other senior Republicans, paint a conflicting narrative centered on the president’s brewing personal animus toward Comey.”

Thirty officials! There are some seriously loose lips in this administration. And for that, we should be thankful.

Source: Why this is the leakiest White House in history

Trump and his cronies, and that includes those freaks that are still his ardent supporters, are all butt hurt because the these leaks.

The endless whining as they dash to the nearest camera to get on the evening news……it is all so humorous…..well according to them it will be the ruination of our society.

I say humorous because if the election had gone the other way these same naysayers would be applauding the leaks and nominating some of the reports for the Pulitzer.

This is all so fascinating to watch…it is truly like the train wreck in slow motion that you cannot look away from……

I love it!

7 thoughts on ““Loose Lips Sink Ships”

  1. It’s like watching a horror movie where you’re half terrified and half screaming “don’t go in the basement” at the screen. The really terrifying thing is that this is actually happening……

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