Is America Dying?

Since the election we have had some dire predictions about the direction of our country.

Needless to say that there are a few folks who are not pleased with the direction the US is traveling…..there is much that is not right….but will it kill the nation of democracy?

Behind the vulgarity and racism of Trump’s America, a different vision of what it means to be an ‘American’ is rising.

This is a good essay that, if read, will make people ask questions about what the Hell is going on in our country.

In a characteristically timely and insightful essay for The New York Times, Pankaj Mishra has recently mapped out the tortuous passage of the United States from exceptionalism to what he now sees as a turn towards nihilism. He rightly identifies that “extravagant promises by ruling elites, and their unexamined assumptions, are at least partly to blame for this moral breakdown in the world’s most powerful country”.

Mishra shrewdly narrows in on the moment when the eminent American public intellectual “Walter Lippmann worried that the promise of private wealth creation was a weak moral basis for a national community. For many mid-century thinkers, nihilism, a catastrophic breakdown of faith in national ideology and institutions that had occurred in Europe, was also a possibility in America”.

Source: Is America dying or is it being born again? | Politics | Al Jazeera

What will happen in the end?



8 thoughts on “Is America Dying?

  1. I am not an “American” (well, I do live on the North American continent, so I actually am an American, but I don’t live in the United States of America) so my views on that part of the world may differ from that of most US’ers, but I see two issues, that if not immediately corrected will certainly destroy the US as it still exists: the Federal Reserves, and the Military. The Fed needs to be abolished, and an unsustainable, bloated and useless military (navy, air force) needs to be pulled back from threatening every other nation in the world at the risk of “accidentally” triggering a nuclear war, to become a smaller, leaner, fitter, smarter, more affordable strictly national defense group. Most, if not all, military bases on non-US territory must be eliminated.

    Both the Fed. Reserves and the Pentagon are sucking to life-blood out of the US mainland. The larger cities are turning into war zones; the infrastructures are collapsing; the health care, education and prison systems are falling away from their primary reason to exist because they have been taken over by the “for profit only” corporate sector (prisons are now a source of cheap slave labour for public works contractors) and finally much of the entire political apparatus is corrupt and rotten to the core, again because it has been hijacked by the “for profit only” powerfully rich private sector.

    America may have had a semblance of democracy once (though history proves otherwise, and I do wish people would take the trouble to learn the meaning of that term) but that became moot with the assassination of Kennedy by the Deep State, and given the coup-de-grace with the attack on, and destruction of, the twin towers, another Deep State false flag operation. You’re now in a state of very precarious and dangerous change, and all indications are it can only to go downward, to the break-up of the nation, likely with a civil war (or many civil wars). Already there is talk of a West Coast alliance – and wouldn’t you know it but the land itself says it should be “divided” north-south, never east-west. Though it looks fine on a map, the US is a geographic anomaly which only the industrial revolution made possible.

    1. It once was divided…..during the Civil war…..and it is divided along political lines now….Americans have lost the notion of a nation….now it is me and mine…..there is no longer an “us”…..chuq

  2. I see a moral and morale decay but I don’t see it as the “END”, I maybe be an ostrich but I do see values and ethics in our National body and even some in our government, albeit slight. I’m far more worried about an International breakout of war or additional wars than internal complete decay and chaos. ~~dru~~

    1. The US will bounce back…but at what cost? Internationally….we need to dump Trump maybe all the crap could be avoided….chuq

  3. I think Sha’Tara makes some very good points. When the Soviet Bloc broke up, everyone outside said that it was the right thing to happen, and that the Soviet Union was an unstable forced alliance of unwilling partners. Looking at the vast continent of America from over here, with its coastal differences, and huge financial disparities, it seems likely that the model is unsustainable in the current economic and political climate.
    As for Democracy, I doubt that has ever existed. Certainly not in the militaristic slave-states of Ancient Greece, where it was supposedly ‘born’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It is like everything that we Americans win, voting rights, equal rights, etc….we went to sleep and started losing them ovewr again….the same with Russia we should have junped on them with both feet in the 90’s and made friends but instead we strutted around and proclaimed ourselves the winner of the Cold War and as usual it has come back to bite us in the ass. chuq

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