Sex Sells!

Another Saturday…..another weekend begins….and another 2 days of mental relaxation…..

My small garden is staring to bear fruits of my labor….the first tomatoes have been harvested….

Now let’s move on to the meat (no pun intended) of the post….
And now for something completely different…..
Ever read something that makes you sit and laugh or cry depending on the content…well I found one that did just that…..both laugh and cry….LOL
Sex is a subject that everyone has an thought on…..matters not your gender or your inclination…..there are many opinions and thoughts….
Do you like going antiquing?  Let me start with an item that is going to auction……
A well-endowed, Victorian-era ivory sex toy is going under the hammer this weekend in Ireland.

Matthews auctioneers have put the “Antique Carved Ivory Ladies Companion” complete with “Scarlet Lined Leather Upholstered Carry Box” and “Inset Bevelled Glass Panel” up for sale. The antiquated sex aid is expected to fetch between €500 – €800 ($536 – $858).

“It is a beautiful piece, which comes from one of the well-known Anglo-Irish families. A family member found it in a drawer, and he put it in the auction for fun really,” auctioneer Damien Matthews told the Irish Times.

“We believe the ivory dates back to the 1840s. This fellow, the original owner, was in India in the 1840s, where he shot himself an elephant, and brought the tusk home,” he said.

Matthews believes that upon retrieving the precious ivory, the owner sought the help of Chinese carvers to create the unusual item.

“The Chinese were famous for carving ivory, and the quality of carving is so good, I think that is where he would … have had it done. He would not have known that he was coming home, and would have wanted his wife to have this,” Matthews said.

The Victorians were a notoriously prudish bunch, leading Matthews to believe that the man behind the erotic tusk was quite the modern husband.

“This was a very enlightened family, and this would have been a very loving gift from a husband to wife. You can see that because the level of detail is incredible, down to the folds of the skin,” said Matthews.

“There’s a heart carved at the base of it, where her finger would have been, and a receptacle in which she could keep a lock of his hair,” he said.

‘Never seen anything like it’: Ornate Victorian dildo on sale at Irish auction
Oh those Victorian ladies!
But why stop with a massive dildo….
Technology is taking over every aspect of our lives….why not in the sex department?

In the brightly lit robotics workshop at Abyss Creations’ factory in San Marcos, California, a life-size humanoid was dangling from a stand, hooked between her shoulder blades. Her name was Harmony. She wore a white leotard, her chest was thrust forward and her French-manicured fingers were splayed across the tops of her slim thighs.

Harmony is a prototype, a robotic version of the company’s hyper-realistic silicone sex toy, the RealDoll. The Realbotix room where she was assembled was lined with varnished pine surfaces covered with wires and circuit boards, and a 3D printer whirred in the corner, spitting out tiny, intricate parts that will be inserted beneath her PVC skull. Her hazel eyes darted between me and her creator, Matt McMullen, as he described her accomplishments.

Source: The race to build the world’s first sex robot | Technology | The Guardian

Okay that is enough…time for that cold shower……

Please go out and enjoy your Saturday….be well, be safe…..chuq


11 thoughts on “Sex Sells!

  1. Great post, bro; I smiled the entire way through. The most ironic thing I thought during the ‘dildo’ report was the quoted part about the prudish Victorians… LOL! The Victorians weren’t prudish, just good at denying any such label. As Robert Heinlein, who was born at the end of that era, once pointed out, via Lazarus Long’s Notes, “Everybody lies about sex.”

    Sex has, for most of history, I think, been played down for just that reason. it’s not like every human doesn’t engage in it; it’s a pretty big part of what we are. It’s always been there, and always is there, but, denial of reality is what this culture is really good at, silly as it is… I think the mere fact there is a market for sex robots, at all, tends to verify that idea pretty well….

    Your talents for research & reporting is wasted on politics, my friend… again, great post. Interesting, thought provoking, & funny as hell…. which is pretty funny, itself, if you think of it….

    Oh, and the tomatoes sound so good, I think I’m gonna try to grow some; can’t get any decent ones without a big hassle around here….

    See ya….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. True that….I have seen this in a movie or two….speaking of movies…..”Front Page”…..”Ft. Apache”…..”From Hell To Eternity”…..see what you have crated….LOL chuq

      1. Sorry Brain Farts again…LOL You have succeeded becuz once I read your post I start thinking about them…well done….chuq

    2. “From Here To Eternity” story of Audi Murphy in WW2….not “from hell to eternity”….sorry about that….have a good Sunday….chuq

  2. I’ve been watching the development of the Sex Robot for some 10-ish years. It’s just another way humans are being replaced by technology. If they get this sex-robot thing down, human relationships will virtually disappear almost overnight. Humans are quite literally making ourselves obsolete.

    By the way, have I mentioned the 1980’s post-apocalyptic cult classic, Cherry 2000, here before? It’s an almost never-released, low budget, schlock starring Melanie Griffith. It’s about a guy risking everything to get his precious “companion robot” back. Action genre schlock, but surprisingly interesting and occasionally thought provoking…..Did I mention it’s set in the year 2017 (and probably written by Nostradamus)?

    Yet another Sci-Fi nightmare coming true…and right on schedule.

      1. I thought so, but wasn’t sure. I prattle on about it (and everything) interminably and routinely forget where I’ve written what.

        I’d save up for the deposit on a Real Doll…but that would eat into my Luxury Survival Condo savings plan. And the way things are going, I’m gonna need that condo pretty fucking soon.

      2. Condo is a good idea but you gotta have entertainment while underground….a robot does need food, drink, healthcare, etc etc etc….chuq

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