1984: The Musical

Day two of my mental relaxation…all is well…..cool nights, warm days, birds chirping and all is idyllic…..and then some a/hole has to crank up a leaf blower…….

Does anyone remember the rock opera Tommy?  Did you know there were others that were in the process but never quite made the cut?

Since Trump was elected president there has been an uptick worldwide in the popularity of the book 1984 by George Orwell…..but did you know that Bowie was working on a musical adaptation of the book?  (some great tunes)

David Bowie’s 1974 album Diamond Dogs introduced a new hodgepodge of musical styles: “The music,” writes Nicholas Pegg, “was a four-way tussle between the receding sounds of glam, the rising influence of black soul, the synthesized nightmares of The Man Who Sold the World, and the ubiquitous rock’n’roll swagger of Jagger.” With its echoes of A Clockwork Orange and William S. Burroughs’ The Wild Boys, Bowie called the songs on the album part of a “glitter apocalypse” and described its conceptual scenario as “the breakdown of a city… a disaffected youth that no longer had home-unit situations, but lived as gangs on roofs and really had the city to themselves.” His “fragmented lyrics and the portrait of urban America’s sordid meltdown,” writes Pegg, “were clearly indebted to Burroughs.”

Source: David Bowie Dreamed of Turning George Orwell’s 1984 Into a Musical: Hear the Songs That Survived the Abandoned Project | Open Culture

I hope my reader enjoyed this trip down memory lane with the great David Bowie and that the music was to their liking……

That is it for my weekend posts…..time to enjoy my days and nights….see you guys Monday with more stuff.

12 thoughts on “1984: The Musical

  1. There was the same kind of uptick in the Orwell works when George W. Bush was president.

  2. When you return tomorrow, please remind people of our loss of SEAL Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator, Kyle Milliken, holder of 4 Bronze Stars, was killed in Somalia. Thank you.

  3. Hilariously, some asshole actually started his leaf blower exactly as I started reading this. No shit. As if right on cue.

    And speaking of right on cue…1984 was not quite exactly on cue. Fashionably late, but it’s absolutely here in soooo many ways! (doublespeak, screens that watch you, endless war with dubious/shifting alliances, “terrorists among us”, drones..etc etc etc etc.)

    And I like these strange Bowie songs…In them, I can actually here a bit of Bee Gee’s and Queen emerge from time to time. I wonder if they had a listen to the tapes and “borrowed” few things a few years later.

    1. I thought of this after reading how 1984 the book was sold out on Amazon and elsewhere…..I too like the songs….some are pretty eerie if that is the right word…..chuq

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