Closing Thought–05May17

Cinco de Mayo……

Is that a holiday for mayonnaise?

NO it is a Mexican day to celebrate and we Americans with our hate for anything immigrant like will consumer millions of glasses of beer….and eat tons of guacamole……

Speaking of avocados……..

As avocado lovers prepare to ingest a massive amount of guacamole during the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday, Bloomberg explains why that guacamole will come at a heftier cost: The price of avocados has set a record, more than doubling since last year. This higher price tag will be reflected both at the grocery store and in US restaurants that are finding creative ways to serve the trendy fruit. We break down why you’ll be forking over a pretty penny for that tasty avocado toast:

  • US consumption of avocados has sky-rocketed. Mexico provides 82% of the avocados consumed in the United States. Since 2000, shipments have increased from 24 million pounds to a whopping 1.76 billion pounds in 2015. This astronomical rise has raised ethical questions around the crop’s environmental and social impact.
  • Worldwide demand is up, too. The avocado trend is going global, with European countries as well as China asking for more of the fruit. Shortages in New Zealand even sparked avocado thefts, reports the BBC, while Mexican exports to China are especially booming, growing at a rate of 250% per year.

Avocado growers had a bad year. Avocado crops tend to vary, yielding more growth one year, less growth the next. A smaller crop is expected this season in Mexico as well as California, where a 44% decrease has been predicted. And a growers strike in Mexico last year did not help matters.

So be prepared to spend more for you festivities…..enjoy and be safe……

Time to withdraw to the drawing room and enjoy my Modelo and guacamole….I will return tomorrow with more stuff for your consideration….let the weekend begin!  chuq

26 thoughts on “Closing Thought–05May17

  1. Uh, isn’t Cinco De Mayo one of those fancy, newfangled, hipster, condiments sold for $17 a jar?

      1. Yeah. It’s been a while. That’s only because my PC (aka my lone participation in the “infallible” technology that’s increasingly ruling every aspect of our “lives” in return for false promises of a Utopian future) was rendered very fallible. Not by an Electromagnetic Pulse, Russian hackers, or some virgin living in his mom’s basement, but by my dog. He took one lone nibble on my mouse wire and poof! I was sent back in time to the early 80’s. With all our eggs in such a reliable basket, our collective future can’t possibly go wrong…can it?

        Anyway, it’s taken me 4-5 weeks to walk a block and a half to a computer store to replace it. (Warning: Make sure your “adult” diapers are on Millennials!) So, I was not only off-line for over a month, but completely devoid of modern technology! (for the 2nd time in under a year) Other than playing some 10 year old games, I really only missed a handful of websites (Porn shurely!), one of which is run by an Foreign Affairs nerd who loves Formula One.

      2. LOl….thanx I appreciate your visits….I hate to see you fall behind and all…tee hee….see ya later……. chuq

      3. Fall behind? Jesus Christ! I can’t keep up to the pace around here. Even if I’m here all day, every day. You must be on Bolivian Marching Powder, or something.

        Bolivian Marching Powder sprinkled on top of your Cinco de Mayo.

  2. Funny but we are in cinque chuq. (High Five)
    Just returned from a Modelo Negra and a side of guacamole. By this time next year (assuming we start “THE WALL”) both items will be higher priced but not just from volume consumption. ~~dru~~

  3. Luckily, I hate avocado, so I will not be contributing to the current shortage of the awful stuff, or having to pay any inflated prices for it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Sounds like my hatred for kale and broccoli…I think that something is wrong for I spent 39 cents each just 2 days a go…chuq

      1. It’s the cloying texture that I find distasteful. And those memories of 1970s dinner parties, with ‘Avocado Vinaigrette’!

      2. Only thing I recall from those dinners was the “wedge salad with Russian dressing”….avocados were too expensive for my family in the ’70’s….chuq

      3. Originally they were expensive until NAFTA then they came down in price…but 39 cents each is the cheapest I have ever paid….now kale is the status thing here…..we are putting it into everything from soups to drinks…..before that it was fennel….the Food Network is working hard to make us believe these things are best……they are wrong. LOL chuq

      4. Avocados are too expensive for me… right now! Thirty nine cents? Shit, I’ve never seen one for less than a buck fifty…and it was on a “must go” sale price.

  4. I know I’m getting here a day later than indicated, but, even Time Lords get confused… Good post, in all too many ways, I think, but, maybe that’s just me.

    I’ve watched food trends for a long time, & damn near every one involves some food that does absolutely nothing for my palate, educated as it may be considered. Never did like quac much; damnably horrific texture, flavor only palatable when other, strong flavors are added to cover, and disgustingly ugly to look at, Without attempting to approach what it most looks like, let’s say it looks like ugly green oatmeal, even with tomatoes in it; that just gives it that clumped blood look I don’t find appetizing very often…. even after 3 or 4 Modelos…. SIGH… It seems most of humanity falls prey to these advertising triumphs rather easily; wonder why that is? Oh, right….

    Besides, it’s become increasingly clear the older I get that most ‘holidays’ merely promote & reinforce the delusions under which we live in our world culture, which finds illusion more charming than reality, if their behavior is to be believed at all. Ah, well, like you said, so aptly, only amateurs need a reason to drink, & celebrating even internationally recognized holidays is just playing into the hands of those who foster & support the illusions… I’d rather read, & sip my Jameson’s, or some tequila, if i am feeling maudlin….

    Ah, well, I enjoy solitude…

    gigoid, the dubious

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