In Like Flynn

This whole Russia debacle around the president and his entourage is just amazing…I mean this plot could not be thought of by the likes of James Patterson or John LeCarre….and it just keeps getting better and better….

The news now centers around disgraced National Security Adviser, Gen Flynn….it is getting more an more interesting…..Flynn is President Trump’s former national security adviser. He was forced to resign after admitting he wasn’t truthful with White House officials about phone calls with the Russian ambassador.

In a move that is likely nowhere near as significant as it sounds, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has told the FBI and Congress that he is willing to testify about Trump campaign ties to Russia in return for immunity from prosecution.

Flynn is the shortest-serving National Security Adviser in American history, holding the position for less than a month before resigning in the face of controversy about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador ahead of the inauguration. After his resignation, Flynn also registered as a foreign agent for his lobbying activities on behalf of Turkey.

Flynn’s lawyer Robert Kelner issued a statement downplaying the significance of the offer, saying that the “witch-hunt environment” was leading Flynn to seek pre-emptive assurances against an unfair prosecution, and that the testimony itself was likely to be anti-climactic.

Officials familiar with Flynn’s offer of testimony say that so far he has found no takers in his quest for immunity, which may suggest that they don’t believe they’re going to get the sort of juicy information out of his testimony that would make such immunity worthwhile.

(Jason Ditz)

Like I said this is playing out like some cheap novel made for TV movie….I love it!

10 thoughts on “In Like Flynn

  1. This guy isn’t very smart in my opinion as he’s forgotten all the statements he’s made in the past. If you’re not guilty, why need or request immunity. There’s more to the story with this dude that is just itching to get out in the open.

  2. I can’t comprehend how incompetently handled by the Trumpsters this whole business has been. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion, and I can’t wait to see the next episode unfold each day. And there are several subplots going that threaten to converge into some huge and immensely amazing explosion.

  3. I have no doubt that all this hoo-hah is entertaining for many of you over there. But what about domestic everyday issues? Jobs, health, education, broken promises; making America great again? Everything that might make life better for the people is being ignored, as these pointless smokescreens dominate the news, and the work of ‘government’.
    Maybe that was the plan?
    Regards, Pete.

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