It’s Clean Coal–Again

Mr. Trump has signed yet another Executive Order (EO)….this time it effects the EPA regulations and as usual he uses an old stand by slogan…it will create jobs.

Once again we are told about the idea of “Clean Coal”……(if one believes this lie then one is a member of the “Ignorati”….clean coal…… it is a LIE!)

President Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order to unwind many of the environmental rules put in place by President Obama. The big change is that he ordered a review of the Clean Power Plan, which was designed to curb emissions at coal-fired power plants. The president celebrated “the start of a new era” in energy production, while environmentalists called it both “dangerous” and “embarrassing.” A look at coverage:

  • Trump signed the “Energy Independence” executive order at the EPA while surrounded by coal miners. “Today I’m putting an end to the war on coal,” he declared. See coverage of the event at the Guardian.
  • The Clean Power Plan hadn’t actually taken effect yet because it had been held up in the courts, explains the New York Times in a primer.
  • Despite the move to ease up on coal regulations, the utility industry is expected to continue its shift toward natural gas, wind, and solar, reports the Wall Street Journal. It points out that US utilities generated more electricity last year from natural gas than coal, and that trend is expected to continue.
  • The AP takes a look at the effect on the coal industry and doesn’t see a quick turnaround in the cards. In terms of jobs, it notes that more efficient ways of extracting coal have reduced the need for miners.
  • Amplifying the point is a quote from Robert Murray, chief executive of coal giant Murray Energy. “These actions are vital to the American coal industry, to our survival, and to getting some of our coal families back to work,” he said of Trump’s action. But he added: “I really don’t know how far the coal industry can be brought back.” See the New York Times.
  • Trump’s move does not pull the US out of the 2015 Paris climate accord, but it seriously undermines the promises made at the forum by President Obama. An NPR interview explains.
  • Not far enough? Conservative critics are unhappy Trump did not order the EPA to re-evaluate a 2009 “endangerment finding” that greenhouse gas threatens human welfare, notes Politico. A writer at Breitbart makes the case that EPA chief Scott Pruitt should resign over this.
  • A takeaway from a Washington Post analysis: “While Trump can unwind Obama’s climate legacy to some extent, the economic and political forces that have spurred those underlying shifts are largely beyond his control.”
  • Now comes the hard part, warns CNBC: Tuesday’s move provides a framework, but the White House must still come up with a detailed replacement for the Clean Power Plan.
  • One of the Obama orders being repealed directed federal agencies to coordinate and prepare for extreme weather, reports Bloomberg, which looks at the ramifications.

Back in 2009 this same argument was made and thanx to archives I found my post from those days……sadly the post was not that popular in ’09 maybe people are better awake these days……

We are hearing a lot in the media about the use of “clean coal”; even the president is pushing this concept…but people…that is all that it is…a concept…..and above all it is a lie…there is NO such thing as “clean coal”.

Source: The Lie Of “Clean Coal” – In Saner Thought

Some lies never change!  What was once old is new again.

This was a wasted use of mental energy…..and jobs?  This industry is embracing automation rapidly and to make it simple for my conserv friends…automation means less jobs……an easy equation even for a republican.


14 thoughts on “It’s Clean Coal–Again

  1. It really is sad that more people don’t understand that progress killed coal (and some other fossil fuels) with automation, cheaper alternatives, and much cleaner forms of energy. Coal can be used for other purposes though besides burning; one of those purposes would be creating the next generation of computing technology that isn’t silicon based. Carbon nano-tubes (coal is primarily carbon) are stronger than steel with 90% less material both in quantity and weight. Who knew?

    1. Coal mines are losing money and workers and yet the prez sez the industry will recover if we burn more clean coal…con job…but what can we expect from a con man? chuq

  2. Again.. AS USUAL… Trump is totally clueless about the numbers reality. The economy is drifting away from coal anyway (as mentioned above), manufacturing is getting more automated (as chuq mentioned above).. these jobs are NOT going to return, or be revitalized, or be re-instated, or re-appear out of nowhere, no matter how much he wants to lift regulations. Manufacturing jobs ARE NOT going to return to those red states rural America. The regulations were never the problem in keeping jobs.

    One thing I agree with Trump on.. let’s bring torture back. Then I could drive around town here and slap these Trumpsters up side of the head.

      1. Hey, chuq, et al… a little off topic.. but I somehow clicked a link that took me to the following blog…
        Now.. I caution you.. it’s a far right blog… and everything in there will un-nerve our particular opinion on things.. but it is so typical of how the ignorati thinks. This is almost a disease (speaking of mental health in America).
        But was rather funny at this blog was apparently some radical right idea that the stolen Secret Service laptop contained more of Hillary’s emails. 🙂 Of course, their speculation is that the door was intentionally left open. Hehehe.. Amazing the stuff in this blog.

      2. Ouch! 2 paragraphs into it and I am gagging….I have marked it just to keep track of the idiocy….a finger on the pulse of the “Ignorati” as it were….chuq

      3. Again not on topic.. but I am currently watching our Dear Leader speaking at some Women’s Empowerment Panel.. and he’s sharing with everyone his great and grand knowledge of women’s history…. and he said…

        “..and I’m here to tell you, the coming year will include more pussy-grabbing than you have ever seen in America! Jobs… there will be amazing pussy-grabbing jobs for all Americans! Just you wait and see. All women will be treated equally… no discrimination on how much pussy we can all grab.. to make America great again! Bigly!”

        …or something along those lines. 🙂

  3. This Trump Administration is either full on STUPID or are BLINDLY partisan , or both. They are turning the country’s clock back so far we ARE in jeopardy.

  4. No such thing as clean coal as a fuel source. However, opening mines to create jobs is being done in many places, not just in the US. Over here, they have just caught on to the idea of ‘fracking’. Despite huge protests, they have approved around 20 sites. The reason? Jobs…
    Regards, Pete.

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