Why Are Republicans So Cruel?

I have seen and heard many accounts of what the GOP has in store for the country and in that time I have heard many ask the question….why are Repubs so cruel?  Why is that they hate the poor?

You know that is a great question and one that I did not have an answer to but I have thought on this to see where it would take me.

In the 50’s the GOP was soundly in the category of “on the people’s” side….but what the hell happened?

I have my opinion but I am biased and should not be allowed to voice my opinion.

Let’s look at today’s GOP……

Republican Paul Ryan, like most other members of the United States Congress, is a millionaire.Christa Patton is 68 years old. She is frail and no longer able to leave her home. She lives on a fixed income. Patton told Van Jones on a recent episode of his CNN show “The Messy Truth” that she would not be able to eat without the Meals on Wheels program.

Paul Ryan is the speaker of the United States House of Representatives. By his own account, in college he used to hang out with his friends and drink beer while sharing his dreams of cutting Medicaid. When Ryan was 15 years old, his father died from a heart attack caused by alcoholism. Ryan and his family then received his father’s Social Security survivor’s benefits. Ryan used that money to attend college. This was not the only money that Paul Ryan received from federal government. His family built its wealth from receiving government contracts.

Source: Why Are Republicans So Relentlessly Cruel to the Poor? | Alternet

If anyone has a better idea then please share and we will take it from there…..


13 thoughts on “Why Are Republicans So Cruel?

  1. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Speech About The Three Evils of White American Society; Racism, Militarism And Capitalism – Scientific Power Has Outrun Our Spiritual Power. We Have Guided Missiles And Misguided Men

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  2. Money and the pursuit of more money. Those that don’t have it are of a lower class regardless of whether the wealthy were once poor; money erases all memories of being poor.

  3. The Alternet article is very good.

    Regarding Christian Conservatives, well, they can get very offended if you suggest Republican ideology is cruel to the poor. Many love to volunteer at the community food kitchen, while supporting low wages and cuts to the social safety net. They are blithely unaware that their own behaviors, values, and beliefs are confused and inconsistent.

    They focus on Christian values (nothing more than preferences), and rarely talk about Christian principles — which would apply to all people, all situations, across time. For instance, “sanctity of life” under-girds the Pro-LIfe movement. If “sanctity of life” is the principle, you apply it to capital punishment, war, as well as to abortion. If “sanctity of life” is a value, you may value innocent unborn babies over convicted criminals and foreigners in other lands.

    Disclaimer: I am not an atheist. (I’m a Christian and a social scientist.)

    1. Many Christians volunteer then bitch about people they say they help….they call them “freeloaders” et al…I agree totally with you pro-life statement….I believe it was Gandhi that said “Christianity is a wonderful concept shame it has never been attempted” (paraphrase)….chuq

  4. The ability to dismiss the needs of other humans arises from hierarchal thinking, wherein the ‘believer’ places themselves, and their ‘group’ above others, by reason of entitlement due to the hierarchy that exists in their manner of perceiving the world. They only feel ‘safe’ when surrounded by those who believe the same, and fear all those who do not, thus enabling the demonization of all ‘others’.

    Hierarchal thinking is how religions keep their believers, along with governments, and those who place their faith in, and assign personal value, according to monetary status. All three delusional beliefs offer endless opportunities to assume a ‘higher’ moral ground than anyone else, thus setting the stage for endless conflict among those who disagree. Republicans, Democrats, Americans, Christians, Owners, etc… they are ALL programmed to engage in conflict with those whose assignations, and labels, are not the same….

    Silly monkeys….

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. Well, that & money are neck & neck, in my estimation…but, yeah. It’s responsible for most of the stupid wars prior to about 1400 A.D…. & still figure in too many…


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