Repeal And Replace

I usually close down my posting day with the “Closing Thought” but there are times when stuff happens and I need to rub it in…..

The GOP has been everywhere on the airways tell us ignorant peons that their new health bill will solve all the ills of society…..Trump sped down to the Capital and worked his magic to save the dying bill…..after one vote pulled an attempt to save their piece of work for the wealthy the GOP ran around skipping and jumping trying anything to save their precious bill…..

And in the end the patient crapped out and “repeal and replace” has been put on hold…..

A House vote on the American Health Care Act was canceled just before it was scheduled to happen, avoiding what the AP says would have been a “humiliating defeat” for President Trump and GOP leaders while still being—according to Politico—a “staggering defeat” for Trump and Paul Ryan. On Thursday, Trump had demanded a vote on the Republican replacement for ObamaCare despite it appearing primed to fail. On Friday, CNN reports Trump called Ryan and asked him to pull the bill without a vote. Sean Spicer says Trump “left everything on the field” trying to make a deal to get the AHCA approved. Hospital and insurer stocks saw an immediate improvement with the news there would be no vote, according to Reuters.

What can I say?

All that work and the best you guys could do was piss it up…..

You guys crapped in your chili…….Time for a new slogan dudes.


22 thoughts on “Repeal And Replace

    1. I hope all the Trump Haters are going to be able to afford all those higher premiums they are about to pay for their beloved Obama Care … Oh but wait! Most of the complainers are on welfare anyway so what will it matter to them? They always have their beloved emergency rooms down in the ghettos don’t they?

      1. You are so good to me. Thank you for being so kind, loving and professional. I am pleased to see that the host is allowing this stuff to remain on his blog. It is all very educational and says a lot about character and credibility. Thanks again for the fabulous compliments and for bringing a little joy and light into my otherwise humdrum day.

      1. Excuse my usage of your blogs comment section to engage a dumbass. I apologize and have decided to address this stupid idiots comments to me, on my blog. I will refrain from commenting further here, in case this idiots relatives desire to engage me in comments. Have a great weekend Mr. Chuq.

  1. I called my congressman’s office a couple of times today, after signing on-line petitions from his office that really are just donation requests but I’m certainly happy with this outcome. NOW Dems ought to try fixing and adjusting if THEY won’t. AND for a new slogan how about “I’ll my dolly and go home”?

  2. The new slogan will be, “OMG! I am so loving paying all these increasing premiums and receiving diminishing services for my medical needs because of the uncontrolled greed and avarice of all those doctors and drug companies. I am so glad nobody was able to fix the mess Obama Care has become because I love paying all these higher premiums and getting less and less for my money when I go to the doctor … Yes, I am loving it because I love this kind of sex!” (That will be your new slogan!)

  3. It’s a LOT easier to try to repeal Obamacare just for show, knowing it won’t really happen. It’s a lot harder to vote for a bill which you know will take away health insurance from your constituents. I bet a lot of those Repubs would have secretly been happier with a Dem President — then they would have been able to “repeal” the ACA 60 more times, without actually doing anything.

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