2017 Women’s History Month–Badass Ladies

Women have always been at the center of any movement including revolutions……and very few get any recognition for their contributions….

I try to repair that historical oversight whenever possible…..

For every Joan of Arc, there’s a Mongolian wrestler princess; for every Mata Hari, there’s a Colombian revolutionary spy; for every Ada Lovelace, there’s a pin-up Austrian telecoms……

The women who shaped our planet are too many to mention, so here are just a few of the most frankly badass females of all time.

Source: 7 of the most badass women who ever lived (who you’ve probably never heard of) | Public Radio International

Why is there a special course for women’s place in history…why can they not be taught along with those of men?

Any good reasons?

4 thoughts on “2017 Women’s History Month–Badass Ladies

  1. Certainly since the Suffrage Movement of the last century, women have been trying to be appreciated by men. That’s the whole debate here. They want universal equality but in the end it’s all about men accepting them as, well, fellow humans of equal social stature. In fact, when it comes to procreation, which is the whole reason our species exists, men and women are required equally for the species to continue. In establishing these reproductive roles Nature has allowed our genders to evolve with certain survival traits that indeed make our genders socially different. As a race we spend an awful lot of time trying to adapt to those gender differences as they relate to social applications.

    It seems the “battle” is not about being accepted by men as their equal, but just plain asserting they already ARE equal. If you want to introduce classes in schools to make young women proud to be their gender why feed the idea that somehow they are socially separate to begin with? I find NO reason for women to have to grovel to men regarding their accomplishments in the world to prove their equality. They should ACT equal. It’s all about mindset.
    You will never be able to change the inherent survival trait differences Nature has inbred into our genders. But we will spend the bulk of our lives trying to do just that.

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