Are You A Good Listener?

A beautiful Sunday high 71 and sunny……does not get much better than that….granddaughter is practicing her flute….I am enjoying a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee…..

First some bad news…..Rock legend Chuck Berry has died at 90….may he now Rest in Peace.

I have noticed that there are some visitors that do not read the whole post before they comment…..which leads me to believe that they are terrible at listening…..they have a set in their mind and nothing that does not conform to that set will be heard.

This got me to thinking about what type of listener I am….I think that I do it well for I will try to make sense of what has been said…..sometimes I think that is a lost art form……”Most people do not listen with the intent of understanding; they listen with the intent of replying”

There are people who, instead of listening to what is being said to them, are already listening to what they are going to say themselves.

What then makes a good listener?

Source: Characteristics of a good listener

So my friends…are you a good listener?

Time to enjoy the sunshine….see everyone tomorrow with more stuff.  Until then enjoy some Chuck Berry……


13 thoughts on “Are You A Good Listener?

  1. I’m a rotten listener and practice everything you were speaking of. It is hard to recognize yourself in what you don’t want to be but are. I’m going to try harder to be what I’d rather be instead of what I usually am. I’d enjoy being on the right* side of this blog next time. ~~dru~~
    *no reference to direction or politics intended.

      1. Thank you, I may be going back to bed soon for another little early am nap. Saturday ended on a great note, Thai deep fried veggies and Chuck Berry. Sunday began on a not so great note, Thai deep fried veggies.

        I hate being old and I’m going to miss knowing Chuck (the other one) was in this place. At least he left a great body of work behind. Spent last evening with the ’72 concert playing in the back ground of digestion. Have a marvelous Sunday yourself. ~~dru~~

  2. Quote: “Most people do not listen with the intent of understanding; they listen with the intent of replying”
    I think that is quite true, especially in discussion groups.

  3. I never comment before reading the whole thing. When I don’t comment, it’s because I have nothing worthwhile to add. It’s a lot like listening. We are good listeners when we have nothing to say, and bad listeners when waiting to get our own point across. Human nature.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I understand for I use the same technique…..and sometimes my replies are short but why go on if a few words makes the point, right? Have a good Monday my friend….chuq

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