Closing Thought–15Mar17

I Like Ike!

Probably if the GOP had a candidate of the caliber of Dwight D. Eisenhower they could never be beat.  War hero and statesman an icon of the Cold War.  Plus they cannot even come together to honor the man for his service to the country.  But like the plight of most veterans…NO one cares.

In 1999 the permission for a memorial to Eisenhower was approved and so far it has been nothing but a waste of time……

Few seem to really like it, but for now it seems to be limping along to somewhere. That sentiment describes the latest chapter in the saga of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. It was commissioned by Congress in 1999, and eventually given a site on a public square in Washington a few blocks from the Capitol. But almost two decades later, the project has yet to even break ground—or even finalize a design.

In February, the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) allowed three proposed changes to the Eisenhower Memorial design, giving the oft-stalled project permission to proceed a step toward an uncertain future. The 16-year-old memorial project is carried forward not so much by momentum as it is by resignation.

Source: Will Eisenhower Ever Have a Fitting Memorial? | The American Conservative

This is not surprising for the Repubs try to forget Ike instead they want to fixate on Reagan…..which I think is a mistake…..more progress was happening under Ike than any time during the rule of Ronnie.

Draw the bath water…my day is done….see everyone tomorrow….be well, be safe….chuq


17 thoughts on “Closing Thought–15Mar17

  1. Interesting, chuq… I had no idea that an Ike monument was in the works.. or had been… or, is still. Sad, really, I would agree. Although the x-presidents usually get their libraries as a form of a monument. Most end up as high school names (some don’t even deserve that much). I shudder thinking Trump is going to have a monument somewhere. UGH! I don’t care if through some blunder of fate he ends up saving the world from total destruction, he will never be the man Ike was.. and I’m not a huge Ike-as-president guy.. but his wartime efforts were great. Reagan.. um.. no Ike there for sure either.
    Yes.. Ike deserves a monument in D.C.

      1. A VERY interesting historical piece. Of course I was aware of the immense numbers of surrendering German forces and refugees moving west toward the Allies to escape the Soviets.. I had never read of the first hand accounts of their suffering.
        Now.. I realize the article is trying to do the typical, 21st century-hindsight moral finger pointing, but it still retained a bit of objectivity. I have my opinion. What’s your thoughts?

      2. I had not considered the amount of the conditions either….most of my thoughts were about the reconstruction and such…the article is fascinating as well as a thought producer…I still find myself at a lack of compassion for the atrocities that cannot be shoved under the rug…damn! I need coffee….LOL chuq

  2. I might make a separate post about this bit of history… thanks for calling my attention to it. I’ll have to make sure I don’t mention “Trump” in it so that I’m not accused of the Godwin thing. 🙂

  3. I dunno chuq, gigoid with his pesky bell curves & Mark Twain quotes….you can hold him responsible!
    as for critical think I am sure he won’t be inclined to speak to me again! Well,I’ve gotta survive somehow.
    I mean,I mean, it is a plain as the nose on your face.
    By the by Leelu is fine!
    a mere case of abandonment!

      1. I am muddying my back trail chuq…2 more have gone down…my faves…lying low…for a time…new laws are coming out to censor us…I know what is going on..I am not prepared to be suspended…quite yet! 😉

      2. bad news….someone I know has just had the police around re her twitter content,which is no diff from mine,maybe a little stronger..watching us like hawks….go check eye u middle east his last tweet re is in french but trans available.ta 4now..

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