Closing Thought #2–13Mar17

Health Care For All!

That was the promise from the GOP and our dear leader when they repealed Obamacare…..the replacement plan is just as most of us thought….a screwing for the American public…..the wealthy will be fine but working stiffs will be screwed handily.

The figures from the CBO have just come out……and most of us are F*CKED!

The Congressional Budget Office projects that 14 million people will lose coverage by 2018 under the Republican ObamaCare replacement bill.

24 million would lose coverage by 2026.

The long-awaited analysis from the nonpartisan congressional scorekeeper is sure to shake up the debate over the measure, which is already facing sharp criticism from conservatives and many centrist Republicans.

The GOP bill repeals ObamaCare’s subsidies to buy coverage, replacing them with smaller tax credits, as well as the law’s Medicaid expansion after 2019. Both moves were expected to lead to coverage losses.

The GOP have succeeded……they believe “If you cannot afford health care then you do not deserve it”!

Making America great again…one f*ck at a time!


14 thoughts on “Closing Thought #2–13Mar17

  1. You’da thunk these Congressional clowns would have run their ideas through the CBO during the creation phase rather than take all this time trying to sell the nation that this is a good thing and a panacea for all health care forever.. only to be shot down with this. Again.. this was a “Republican” plan meant to replace the “Democrat” plan… when we truly need a “American” plan. But I guess we all know that wasn’t going to happen in a Trump administration.

  2. I know that I keep going on about it, but I really don’t understand why your country finds it so difficult to operate a fair and just healthcare system. They have so many examples to use from other countries, yet the big drug company lobby and other vested interests appear to be able to stop anything good happening for your people..
    Regards, Pete.

  3. I must be feeling better, because even this strikes me as funny. Not ha-ha funny, of course, but, amusing to a small degree…. I found one comment interesting, wherein our system was deemed worse than many others; after catching my breath from laughing, my only remaining comment is, to my knowledge, there is only ONE country in the world where health care MIGHT be considered adequate, & that, oddly enough, is Cuba, whose doctors are now consulted by a great many country’s doctors to learn their approach… & I believe all their medical care is essentially free of cost to the patient….

    But, don’t worry, ffolkes; it will all be over soon….Health care, like damn near every area of human cultural existence, is in lock-step with capitalism, & it’s already clear that particular form of delusional insanity is in its death throes… If anyone recalls from reading their history, all the same signs were present in the 13th-14th centuries, when the last incarnation of a world wide economic collapse took place, sending the entire world into chaos & war….for the very same reasons….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. From what I understand is the medical care is free but there is a shortage of drugs for their patients…..capitalism is struggling and takes all the focus of government to keep it from bottoming out….I believe it is only a matter of time….tick tock….chuq

    2. Hi Gigoid, I take it you are referring to my comment. In which case, I would of course have to argue that health care is more than adequate in the UK, as well as in France, and Germany too. I could add some other countries, but at the risk of boring you, I won’t. Cuba’s otherwise excellent system is crippled by an historical lack of infrastructure, past embargoes, and problems with buying in drugs and supplies. Despite this, they do their best with what they have, and the doctors there are indeed excellent.
      Best wishes from England. Pete.

      1. I do try to stay away from hierarchal thinking, which is implicit in the judging of one system of health care as better or worse than another. Cuba’s system, however flawed, works well in spite of any handicaps of perception, or of execution, due to the dedication of their doctors & support staff to the welfare of the patient, rather than the system. If you are convinced that ANY of those systems mentioned are ‘better’ than any other, then you have learned to accept the lowest common denominator as the norm… Good luck, staying healthy with that…

        BTW, ‘gigoid’ is only capitalized by WP’s formatting… it’s just a user name, & I try to keep my ‘self’ out of it, as far as I can….

        Thanks for your response…

        gigoid, the dubious

      2. Thanks, gigoid. (Small G this time)
        I can’t agree that accepting the UK NHS is better than the multi-stranded system in the US means that I am happily accepting the lowest common denominator. It could always be improved, but it has served most of us very well since 1945.
        I did know that gigoid was just a user name, and I always enjoy the addition of ‘the dubious’ too. It’s good to be dubious, I agree.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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