Closing Thought–02Mar17

Live from the holodeck!

I am not a techno geek but for some reason I keep finding all these technology stories that I feel the urge to share with my readers.  Hopefully this will entertain my regular readers…..and generate comments from those among you who have a handle on this technology thing.

Remember all those Star Trek shows and the elaborate scenarios that were played out on their holodecks?

I bring this up because of something I recently read…..

On February 5, political activist Hugo Poidevin attended a rally in Paris to listen to a speech by the French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon, a leftist politician with a penchant for cutting edge technology.

But Melenchon was not actually at the Paris rally – at least not in the flesh. He was delivering a speech in Lyon, nearly 400km away.

Poidevin, along with thousands of others, gathered in the French capital, facing an empty stage, in anticipation of what would be a first in French politics.

“Resistance!” the crowd in Lyon chanted, as Melenchon began to speak there.

“Where am I? In Lyon?” Melenchon said, rousing the Lyon audience. He snapped his fingers. “And now, in Paris.”

Source: The dawn of cyber politicians | France | Al Jazeera

Is this the future?

It could help all those American politicians that are running like scared rabbits from their townhalls….they could do their thing without having to actually face the people.

8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–02Mar17

  1. I often thought of a good practical joke to play on my Enterprise crew mates using the holodeck back in those TNG days. I’d program the thing to be the ship’s rest room; put the appropriate signage outside the door. Then when the crew would drop their drawers and sit I would call out, “Computah… end progrum!”

    Yeah.. I know what you’re thinking.

    ..and so I blog.

  2. Hmm.. maybe a Holo-Trump. OMG! Maybe he IS! COMPUTAH, END PROGRUM!!!

  3. This sounds just like the computer-generated image of Big Brother, from ‘1984’.
    First, virtual politicians. Next, nobody is actually there…
    Regards, Pete.

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