Closing Thought–01Mar17

Stand up and be counted!

When Obama nominated Chuck Hagel for SecDef I was excited… see he is a Vietnam war vet also and was an NCO during his days in the military which, in my opinion, gave him a more unique view of the situations that the SecDef would have to handle….and I was disappointed when he resigned and we can see why I was so…..Just look at the crap all these toads from the neo-lib camp have turned our foreign policy into…a joke.

Source: Say Good-Bye To Chuck – In Saner Thought

Source: Chuck Hagel–A Sign Of The Time? – In Saner Thought

Below is an interview with the ex-secretary and his advice on how the new SecDef can deal with the intricacies of his hob in the age of Trump…..

Chuck Hagel was Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense in 2013 and 2014: a period spanning several international conflicts, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the apex of Syria’s civil war. Before that, he was a centrist Republican senator who was often maligned by the right flank of his own party. Few others know so intimately the challenges Trump’s DoD pick, General James Mattis, will face in his new job. Ditto the travails of centrist GOP senators, balancing party loyalty and patriotic duty. Now a senior adviser at Gallup and a distinguished executive-in-residence at Georgetown University, Hagel spoke to Daily Intelligencer by phone last week on everything from the real reason we need our NATO allies and the right way to fend off government leaks to why trade is actually a national-security issue.

Source: Ex-Pentagon Chief Hagel on How Mattis Can Stand Up to Trump

I believe that the US lost what could have become the best and most forward looking SecDef when we lost Hagel.

That’s it for me today my friends…..I will be back in true form tomorrow….until then…be well, be safe….chuq

One thought on “Closing Thought–01Mar17

  1. Good post, and while I agree about Hagel’s qualifications, I cannot help but point out the simple logic of this: if one starts with a false premise, then, no matter how well one uses that premise, the end result cannot be true….

    Any justification for War is based on false premises; this, I think, is difficult to argue, without abrogating one’s humanity.

    But, then, humanity’s most singular talent is placing their faith/belief in false premises; it is embedded in our culture.

    gigoid, the dubious

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