A Ban Of A Different Color

We all recall the day that Trump issued his new EO about the banning of people from 7 specific countries…Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya and one and on….7 total.  We also remember the a judge issued a stay and then it was back to the drawing board.

Shortly after Trump issued his silly ban the Iraqis retaliated……

Iraq’s lawmakers on Monday backed a “reciprocity measure” that would bar Americans from entering Iraq in retaliation for President Donald Trump’s banning of Iraqis and citizens of six other majority-Muslim countries from traveling to the United States.

After this vote became public the M-IC went batcrap crazy…..they would not be able to rape the country for contractors and munitions and other assorted American expertise.  Not to mention the billions of dollars lost in profits if the Iraqi ban was upheld.

You can bet that there was a flurry of meetings at the Pentagon trying to find the right pressure to get this situation repaired……and guess what?

The clout of the M-IC is just amazing……

President Trump’s new immigration order will remove Iraq from the list of countries whose citizens face a temporary US travel ban, US officials say, citing the latest draft in circulation. Trump is expected to sign the executive order in the coming days. Four officials told the AP that the decision followed pressure from the Pentagon and State Department, which had urged the White House to reconsider Iraq’s inclusion on the list given its key role in fighting ISIS. Citizens of six other predominantly Muslim countries—Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen—will remain on the travel ban list, the officials say.

The new order includes other changes as well. The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the order before it’s signed, say the 12-page document no longer singles out Syrian refugees for an indefinite ban and instead includes them as part of a general, 120-day suspension of new refugee admissions. The officials also say the order won’t include any explicit exemption for religious minorities in the countries targeted by the travel ban. Critics had accused the administration of adding such language to help Christians get into the United States while excluding Muslims. Unlike under the first order, existing visas will be honored, the officials say.

If that ban was a real concern then Iraq would still be part of it…..this moronic ban was purely arbitrary and does NOTHING to protect American national security.

This change of heart proves it.

“Money talks and bullshit walks”…..and Trump has taken a walk.

16 thoughts on “A Ban Of A Different Color

  1. Unfortunately is hasn’t walked off the world stage, nor is he walking fast enough. But, hey.. what do I know. I just dislike the guy being my president.

    Um.. what does M-IC mean? “Muslims In-charge”? “Many Ignorant Creatures?” “Mothers in charge?” “Mission Impossible Cancelled?” “My Intestines Constipated?”

  2. So, why is anyone surprised at his duplicity? Just wondered, as he’s already lied so much, nobody is able to even keep count…. But, then, those who support him elected another billionaire who promised to protect the weak and poor…. If that was ever the case, how did he make a billion dollars? You just don’t do that without being a thoroughly despicable liar; it’s considered de rigeur in business circles…

    America continues to display a special kind of stupid, if only for taking ANYTHING he says at face value.

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Some of us have done it without being liars — Just astute in the affairs of business and at the right place at the right time with the time, manpower and resources to make things work. Are you aware that no giant industry capable of hiring and paying a work force has ever been started and maintained by someone who is average poor? It takes Billionaires and their capital to make Capitalism work and without out it there is nothing but endless depression. But I refuse to reason with locked in thinking so this is my final offering on this issue.

      1. “Some of us…” Oh, you are, or have been a billionaire. (& why capitalize a noun of description?)? I’m afraid I can’t accept that as a recommendation as a seeker of truth, rather than personal gain.

        Capitalism is just another ‘ism’, with no reality of its own, as anything more than a commonly held idea.



  3. Capitalism is just another ‘ism’, with no reality of its own, as anything more than a commonly held idea.
    (A “Commonly-Held Idea” that drives the economy of The United States … the same economy that doles out Social Security Checks, Welfare Checks, Food Stamps, Veterans Benefits and all the other wonderfully helpful forms of assistance some of our citizens tend to enjoy. I assume it is alright to bite the hand that feeds because that too is an inalienable right of all Americans.

  4. When the Iraqis had this ban in force for a short time, I presume it didn’t extend to those American ‘advisers’ in the Special Forces and artillery units engaged in the fighting around Mosul?
    Regards, Pete.

    1. Hell no! They love our money and our protection even when they are burning the flag and shouting “Death to America.” We ought to withdraw completely and I am assuming if it were not for our dreams and visions of “Oil” we might have already done that and nobody would even remember we were ever there. No! They do appreciate whatever they can suck out of us — like half the rest of the world. Your presumption is correct!

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