Chuck Hagel–A Sign Of The Time?

By now the world has heard that Sec of Defense, Chuck Hagel, has resigned from the Obama admin……Many are wondering and speculating why after such a short time would he walk away from such a prestigious posting.

First a little info on his bio…..he was a Sargent in the US Army’s 9th Infantry Division in South Vietnam……I have a soft spot for him because my first tour of duty in the conflict was with the same unit in the Mekong Delta….so I know what he saw and had to do in those days……we have a similar past.

Some say he was weak….Bullsh*t!  Personally, he thought that Obama was becoming to hawkish for him to work for….he had lived through the Delta of Vietnam and that made him a dove, of sorts……….he resigned because he would not compromise his principles….

This article explains why he left…….a continuous war for decades … something that he would not support.


Obama’s new leader at the Pentagon will mean more war – not less | Trevor Timm | Comment is free | The Guardian.

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