Let’s Talk Legislative Branch

I have long said that most Americans have NO idea how the government works….most are too busy bitching and moaning about the other side to give a crap….the reult of this ignorance is the stupidity that inhabits the halls of government….

My friend and regular visitor to IST from  Life Between 0 and 1 | w1nt3l.com has posted an excellent look at the legislative branch of our withering government.

I press it below for everyone to read and hopefully will find a new understanding of how things work…..

So few Americans understand, let alone even know, the lengthy and bureaucratic process that is followed attempting to make laws in the United States.  Given the complicated process this is, I’ll do my best to make it understandable, meaning in some cases parts of the process may be simplified for the sake of sanity.  I’m not an expert and there are thousands of resources on this 240 year old process.

After having spent a 2 weeks on this post, I can honestly say that I would *not* want to go into public service as a politician.  It definitely takes a certain type of person to work with this kind of bureaucracy, one that has endured the test of time up to this point and one that I hope continues.

Source: The U.S. Legislative Process | Life Between 0 and 1


8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Legislative Branch

    1. It was my pleasure….I could find a re-blog button so I “pressed” it…..excellent piece and very educational for anyone that reads it….job well done…chuq

  1. Our founding fathers gave deep, informed thought in constructing the ! constitution. This current administration is not thoughtful and seems not to understand the carefully constructed complexity of our constitutional government

    1. This president is acting like he is trying to have a coup but trying to make it look as if it is just doing his “duty”….nothing he is doing bodes well for the country….chuq

  2. On the day the Congress & those involved in government allowed lobbyists to enter the premises, all of the forethought put into the checks and balances of this system of government were made useless, for it all presupposes that the men who will govern are honest, and have the best interests of others in the front of their minds. That simply is not the case, for we have witnessed a 240 year degradation of all the intentions included in the Constitution, until today, when NONE of it is now the actual case….

    But, then, people seem to prefer their delusions to reality, so, who’s to say it isn’t what we deserve?

    gigoid, the dubious

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