On The First Day

Instead of trying the help their new “idol” to get his message across the more ignorant of the Right are going on and on about the “protests”….the best they can muster is some vague macho crap and slogans…..and yet we have a new president and his policies should be the focus….not to worry they will, the more ignorant that is, will move on when their “sources” move on….once the bullshit has been exhausted they will find a new “threat” to rant about…..

Today is Monday and the first official day of the Trump Administration….but before we dive head long into this thing let us take a look a few figures that he will inherit……

4.7% unemployment rate as of Dec. 2016; 7.8% (Jan. 2009)

104.8% of GDP federal debt in Q3 2016; 77.4% (Q1 2009)

2,266.72 S&P 500 as of Jan. 11, 2017; 930.72 (Jan. 23, 2009)

372.6 per 100,000 violent crime rate as of 2015; 454.5 per 100,000 (2008)

9,920 nuclear warheads in all countries, as of 2015; 11,947 (2008)

8.9% those without health insurance, not counting the elderly, as of 2016; 16.8% (2008)

The figures do not prove out all the negativity from the conserv slugs on the Right…..but I guess there was more to it than the silly crap they tried to pass off as “fact”……

Now what will the first day look like for Pres. Trump?

Donald Trump promises a busy first few days in office, with a series of executive actions ready to be rolled out within days. Some highlights:

  • Day One may bring two major trade moves: Trump intends to give official notice that the US plans to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and that he wants to renegotiate NAFTA with Canada and Mexico, reports AP.
  • Reuters reports executive orders are coming within days, and cites two: a directive regarding the construction of a Mexico border wall, and limitations on the entry of Latin American asylum seekers.
  • “A senior GOP Hill aide said lawmakers anticipate that Trump will roll out multiple executive orders related to Obamacare. But the stresses they have not yet been briefed or given any heads-up about what is coming.” See CNN.
  • The Hill predicts “dramatic” funding cuts soon, and specifies five departments that will take a hit: Commerce, Energy, Transportation, Justice, and State.
  • The New York Times rounds up all of Trump’s “day one” promises from the campaign here, including a vow to lift restrictions on oil drilling.
  • Trump plans to visit the CIA on Saturday after weeks of rancor between him and the intelligence community. He would attend the swearing-in of Mike Pompeo as the new chief, assuming the Senate confirms him on Friday, reports NBC News.
  • Politico assesses the outlook for the first 100 days on some of the higher-profile issues, from a border wall to health care. On that wall, Trump can start aggressively, but “addressing larger immigration problems legislatively would require a vision that extended beyond fences and deportations.” Read it here.
  • ABC News’ 100-day preview suggests a giant infrastructure bill might be one of the few initiatives that will get bipartisan support. Read it here.

It will be an interesting 4 years…..today is the country’s “first day of the rest of its life”……


8 thoughts on “On The First Day

  1. I’m supporting that giant infrastructure bill. I’d like to see roads, bridges and public works projects all over the country getting people back to work. It’s one promise that I’m hoping comes true and would gladly pay a few more bucks in taxes to make it happen.

      1. Send in an accountant that isn’t on the payroll of the elite oligarchy and I bet they would find more than $1 trillion in savings over 10 years to pay for this and other things.

        Something epic would be awesome too, like upping the federal tax rate on the top 1% earners to 55% and closing all or most of the tax loopholes 😀

      2. You know once they get close to DC they seem to become part of the oligarchy. kinda like a virus spreading….I would say leave their rate where it is just eliminate all the tax dodges and put a 35% rate on all “bonuses” for the CEOs and the like….

  2. “first day of the rest of its life”……
    all the more reason to live today as if you will die 2moro….
    I’m fading here chuq,not sure if I wanna live another 4 years let alone 10…grin
    from across the pond… we who are still fighting the Jewish/Zio lobby..2 went down, one resurrected….cat & mouse game 😉
    Keeps one occupied 😉

  3. If Trump decides to really carry through those infrastructure projects (and his other promises) the chances are he will just ‘print money’ to pay for them, as happened in Germany and America in the 1920s and 1930s. The promised boom will be followed by some kind of catastrophic bust, that will spread across the world like a Tsunami. We can only hope that his financial plans are reined in by someone who understands economics.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Exactly…I have been writing, in the past, about his plan and how much it will cost…there is no way we can afford it without raising taxes…it is a good idea but not doable as things are now…..chuq

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