Grandstanding After All

When it began there was push back to Pres. Trump’s nominee for State, Tillerson.  The leaders of the “opposition” were Sens. McCain and Graham….very vocal and defiant toward the appointee….

With all the chest thumping I said that it might be just theatrics like so much else done or said by senators…..

Appears I called this one also……

Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain will support Rex Tillerson as secretary of state in a move that all but clinches his nomination, reports Politico. Graham confirmed his position on CBS’ Face the Nation and in a joint statement with McCain; Marco Rubio still hasn’t decided, but McCain and Graham make that all but irrelevant. “Though we still have concerns about his past dealings with the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin, we believe that Mr. Tillerson can be an effective advocate for US interests,” they said in a joint statement. McCain says the decision “wasn’t an easy call” but he says Tillerson assuaged worries about Russia in private meetings. McCain says he also believes in giving incoming presidents “the benefit of the doubt” on their picks.

Typical political games that runs rampant in Washington…..AH the games played in the name of governing….


10 thoughts on “Grandstanding After All

    1. Exactly…I was hoping my new found respect for these two has genuine…I felt it was too good to be true….at least I am not disappointed, huh? chuq

  1. Since the world runs on oil we need an oilman as S of S not politicians. Ties to Russia ? That’s a positive not a negative. The US, China and Russia should “be on the same side” on most issues. Others object to billionaires in cabinet but because the world and economy run on money we need money men not politicians. Generals are good too (they don’t have personal armies to take over and do not threaten civilian leadership protocol). They plan for end result accomplishment and more pragmatic and sensible than politicians. With this type of leadership there will be no “Typical political games that runs rampant in Washington… “

    1. None of this is what was promised during the campaign…..and the generals…..60+% of the intel is private contractors….we are not sure about the military part of the equations that is part of the black budget…..nothing in DC has changed the same people are in charge….so the game continues….have a good day….chuq

      1. I remember in one of the debates Trump said words to the effect that people who understand money should run the nation not politicians. I suppose that would apply to domestic and global economy. “Black Budget”. Now that is something of which I am fearful but is such a necessity in an ugly secretive world ? This does cause me consternation. How much does the public get to know and who decides is another matter of discomfort for me. I suppose even in a ideal of transparent democracy “secret stuff” is part of the package.

        “nothing in DC has changed the same people are in charge….so the game continues” Unfortunately you appear to be right on this and the historical record substantiates such a conclusion. Ultimately the megabanks and megacorps control the world dissolving nationhood sovereignty and the right to vote has become an illusion of democracy. I hope that model can be broken. We will soon see.

      2. Don’t get me wrong….some of the rhetoric was amazing and a hopeful sign but it was just words and so far it does not look good….I mean when Goldman-Sachs has 5 positions within the cabinet we should truly worry….. I will write more on the economy in the next day or so….we need to be watchful….chuq

    1. THanx for that…I try to keep my visitors as up-to-date as I can and I try to be accurate….the next couple of days I will be writing about a wide array of situations….

  2. As an outsider, one thing that strikes me about this issue is the fact that there is actually some transparency, at long last. Most western countries have been run by unseen money men, generals, bankers, and security agencies for as long as they have existed. Now they are actually out in the open, subject to more criticism, and possibly even accountable for their actions.
    That sounds like an improvement when I write it down, but I doubt anything will change because of it.
    Regards, Pete.

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