Closing Thought–23Jan17


Translate this…….

We bloggers are always in search of new readers and commenters…..some choose different methods to secure these visitors….my feeling is if visitors cannot read the post why would they continue to visit……that is where I have made a bit of a change to IST.

I have been blogging for 10 years and have got many foreign visitors……almost every country has stopped by IST and in all that time I did not consider that there might be a problem with my non-English speaking visitors…..

I am fortunate enough to get visitors the world over…..and with this widget I may get more if they can translate what I have written…..and then maybe get more comments which will help in understanding and promote a valid conversation….

I apologize for the inconvenience…..and I apologize for not thinking of this sooner……

I have added the translate widget to my site…hopefully this will help my visitors get the gist of my posts…..

Again I apologize and hopefully this move will help….I look forward to my international readers gaining better access to IST.

Well my friends that is it for this day in history…..I shall return tomorrow and hopefully so shall you…’til then have a day and be well and safe….chuq


13 thoughts on “Closing Thought–23Jan17

  1. The thing is that the translate gizmo is a machine translator and it can sometimes skew the meaning of what you are trying to say and it has the capability of offending foreign visitors because it is not always careful with accurate use of their languages and some of them find it offensive and sloppy. If a blogger has the “Google” home page activated then all one has to do is right click the Google Home Page and discover that there is already a translation option available. Most foreign visitors who visit your site or mine or anybodys will already have made arrangements so they can translate the pages they are reading so adding the translator is kind of redundant at best. Just saying.

  2. Closing Thought–23Jan17
    I have been “following” you for some time chuq and I did not get an email notice of this post :”Closing Thought–23Jan17″ or for that matter any other of your posts since 1984. Does the fact that you are adding the widget mean I will no longer get those posts? I am going to try and “follow” you again but I’m wondering if somehow I’ve become “blocked” from your site? ~~dru~~

      1. Ooooo chuq, don’t bother. Somehow I’ve gone to my “settings” (didn’t even know that existed” and ticked a boxed that said don’t send me ANY emails for ANYONE I follow. Hand to gawd, I don’t remember doing this but after I posted that comment; I got to thinking….yah know today has been a very light day on the email situation. So it took me some time but I figured it out. I’m back to “normal” HAH! ~~dru~~

  3. As John mentioned, the translation option appears automatically to anyone using Chrome, or another Google platform. I use it myself, to follow blogs in other languages. But he is also correct when he says that it sometimes (not always) makes a nonsense of what they are writing. Perhaps your international readers are following your blog because they already understand English, or are trying to improve language skills? Just a thought.
    Regards, Pete.

    1. I know….I just wanted to make it more convenient for the readers that may not have all the bells and whistles…I kinda want to make all feel at home here and this is a no cost option…after all I am a cheap bastard…LOL chuq

    2. I do not know if it is because of the change but I got two new foreign followers today….that makes me happy I want everyone to read and rant on the stuff I write….chuq

      1. Let’s hope that your new change brings you many international readers, Chuq.
        As an aside, I was interested to get some regular visits from Brunei, and wondered who was reading my blog, in that far-flung spot. Then an ex-military friend of mine told me that the CIA has a monitoring station there!

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