Where’s The Proof?

Now this news ought to make for some interesting posts and keep the mentally deficient busy…..

There are conspiracies around every issue in this country these days…some are pretty clever and others are just from the stupid side of thinking.

Remember back in the day when Trump was a “birther”….he spent every minute of an interview railing against Obama as a Muslim or not born in this country…and demanded proof of his citizenship….remember those days?  (That question is for normal people not Trump supporters)

Anyway I read a piece in the WaPo (let me say here that I do not use them often as a source but from time to time they do have some interesting articles)……

First, a history refresher: For the past nine years, a smattering of Americans, most recently led by our now president-elect, have insisted that Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya.

For years, Donald Trump was unrelenting in his insistence that Obama prove beyond existing proof that he was born in Hawaii and not in the African country of his biological father. That Obama said he is a Christian wasn’t enough to persuade Trump’s followers, who apparently know a Christian when they see one.

Source: If Obama is a Muslim, is Trump a Russian spy? – The Washington Post

Okay this is a bit much but so was the total bullshit about Obama.

How long before someone takes all of Trump’s defense of Russia as an indication that he is a secret Russia agent?  (Think Manchurian Candidate, the original not the cheesy re-make)

After writing this draft news broke……

CNN is reporting on bombshell classified documents presented to Donald Trump and President Obama last week. The intelligence documents allege that Russian operatives have—or at least claim to have—compromising information, both financial and personal, on Trump. The documents have been circulating since before the election—Mother Jones actually reported on them in October—and took on “a kind of legendary status among journalists, lawmakers, and intelligence officials,” according to BuzzFeed. US intelligence officials have now investigated the former British intelligence operative behind a lot of the information, as well his sources, and determined them to be credible. The FBI is investigating, and intelligence agencies want Trump to know that these allegations are out there.

The details inside the documents haven’t been verified, but BuzzFeed has published the documents in whole “so that Americans can make up their own minds.” The documents claim Russia has been “cultivating, supporting, and assisting” Trump for years. They state Trump surrogates and Russian government intermediaries met continuously to exchange information during the campaign and that Trump accepted intelligence on political rivals from the Kremlin. The documents also state that Russian operatives claim to have enough dirt to blackmail Trump, including “perverted sexual acts” recorded by Russian intelligence. The Trump campaign has not commented on the documents.

CNN?  Aren’t they the least trusted news site?

Donald Trump vehemently denied allegations of collusion between his campaign and Russia. Trump turned to Twitter to decry reports by CNN and BuzzFeed, calling it a “witch hunt” by the media.

“Fake news – a total political witch hunt!” the president-elect wrote after CNN reported that intelligence leaders had presented a two-page summary of a collection of memos claiming Russia had compromising information about him. The report also claimed that members of his team continued to pass information along to Russia.

Okay this is driving the news cycle for now….is that what it is suppose to do?  Divert attention?  If so from what?

Keep in mind none of this, like the “birther” bullshit, is confirmed……

So just as Mr. Trump asked those years ago….where’s the proof he is not a Russian spy?

25 thoughts on “Where’s The Proof?

      1. I have left behind many people I considered social media allies and friends but they were suddenly convinced becoming the very thing they have labeled Trump. These people started believing the mass misinformation and rhetoric/propaganda the main stream media is spewing about the election and the POTUS-Elect. They insisted I believe as they foolishly believe, that violates my basic mindset that no matter how stupid a person is in his/her beliefs, they are welcome to those beliefs. These people wanted to believe their dumb ideas but attempted to deny me the right to have that very same option of choice. So they are history. Now I said all that to say this, what we are told and what is the truth, are often times eons apart.

      2. Like I told another reader….this maybe a “rabbit”…a story put out for others to chase…we will have to see what shakes out….chuq

  1. Of course it is absurd to imagine that Trump is a spy, that actually sounds like something he might twitter out in rage about his newest “enemy”. However, I am seriously doubting his patriotism and that his agenda is meant to serve “the people” in light of his cabinet choice and his resistant to accept openly the hacking by the Russians and his willingness to disparage our intelligence and side with Asange.

    1. He may not be a spy but he made several trips to Russia and stayed in their hotels and to think that wealthy people are not spied on is naive….did you see the report that wikileaks is a FSB (KGB) creation? xhuq

      1. No I haven’t read that report. I don’t think he is a spy, he is not bright enough. But, he is no doubt indebted and there a huge conflict of interest that our H of R is so far sweeping under the rug, not to mention the nepotism laws have not been addressed. Though I sometimes think Kushner has a more level head and could hold the lid on…hope springs eternal.

      2. I agree that is not not bright enough…he does appear to be somewhat bright….but his ties makes me doubt that he would buck id dad-in-law….chuq

      3. 🙂 I was just watching his meeting with the press that he has been promising. He refused to take questions from who he called out as “fake press”. Apparently a drop of wikileaks has appeared regarding Trumps “discretions”, suddenly the leaks are not legitimate.

      4. A first , refusing questions from the press. He wants war with the press unless they are pro trump . Probably shut down the free press. Hello nazi germany.

      1. Repeat! He is bright enough to get himself elected president and that is just as bright as anybody needs to be if becoming president is their goal. How difficult is that to understand?

  2. He’s bright enough to get himself elected as president wasn’t he? This is so lame! The President has a right to exclude anyone he chooses from asking a question at a press conference and I imagine that now that he is president-elect he will remember the ones that fought against his election the hardest. Serves them right!

  3. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    Oh I too think a lot of this Trump propaganda is drivel and all “Trumped up”…like before with the Obama shit; the question is where is the proof; you can’t prove a negative.

    However I do believe that Russia or Putin anyway does seem to like Trump A LOT but that could just be one billionaire businessman asshole to another; and only slightly political motivated.

    Gigantically Economically motivated is a horse of a different color…in fact so different it is a Zebra AND THAT is something you can prove. ~~dru~~

  4. If you say something often enough, some people will believe it to be true. Once they have established such ‘facts’ in their minds, little can be done to dissuade them, unfortunately.
    Regards, Pete.

      1. Meanwhile the Zio’s continue to play divide & rule….
        Macbeth comes to mind….
        Double, double toil and trouble
        Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
        Subplots galore

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