Is It “Fake” Or Is It “Real”?

There has been much in the news lately about the use of “fake” news to create a situation that may not exist….I have written how I set about trying to decide whether the news is real or not…..

This is an FYI piece……I do not expect those who “know” the facts to employ any of these suggestions…..but I had to try. So….One More Time…… There has…

Source: The Curious Debate Over “Fake News” – In Saner Thought

And if there is still a doubt about the news you read then I found a fellow blogger that has his method of deciding the validity of a report…..(I contacted them for permission and I have not heard back….but if there is an objection I will remove this press and apologize)……

The basic purpose of these ten forms is the presentation of a false picture of reality.

You could find more forms, or divide these ten into sub-categories.

Source: Ten basic forms of fake news used by major media « Jon Rappoport’s Blog –

I know I am probably spinning my wheels for most do not want to know as long as the news and reports they get confirm their narrow thinking….

And that explains why this country is having all the problems….no one cares about real.  We Americans will buy knock-offs of anything….and that includes the news.

All this is just all too familiar…that is if one has a grip on history…..if not then that could explain the ignorance.


2 thoughts on “Is It “Fake” Or Is It “Real”?

  1. Fake news, false flags, conspiracy theories. It is all true, to varying degrees. If we believe everything the media throws at us as the truth, we are no better than sheep.
    I am still unconvinced about the ‘Moon Landings’, but people will always want to believe anything that suits their purpose.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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