US Troops–Good News/Bad News

I attempt to keep my readers up-to-data on the movements and such of our troops….news and reports that do not make the evening news…..someone has to keep an eye on the crap the government is pulling…..and it will only get worse……..

First, the GOOD news…..NO American military personnel were killed in the past week……

Now for the BAD……Afghanistan….recently the Taleban has made a push to regain lost territory…..and the US will respond…..

Over two years after the Obama Administration announced a “draw-down” in which US Marines were withdrawn from the Helmand Province of southern Afghanistan, Marines are headed back in, the latest reaction to growing Taliban gains there and elsewhere in the country.

Though once again being claimed as an “advise and assist” operation, officials concede that the troops could well face combat operations in the province, where the Taliban controls several key districts and has contested control over the capital city of Lashkar Gah.

This is actually the second time during the US occupation of Afghanistan that the US withdrew ground troops from Helmand only to put them back later, with troops withdrawn in 2006 and the Marines deployment part of the 2008 escalation of the Afghanistan war.


More troops for the grinder…..we went to Afghanistan to get the son-of-a-bitch that caused the 9/11 attacks…..that SOB is dead….time for us to say “screw it” and bring our troops home….if things go South then we can do what we always do….use more force.


7 thoughts on “US Troops–Good News/Bad News

  1. AMEN!! So many people get together for causes that don’t mean S**T – they should raise a stink about sending our troops time and time again for tour after tour!!!

  2. Afghanistan is a war that that can never be won. The British fought there as long ago as 1839, and again in 1978. Both times were a stalemate at best, and defeat at worst. Then the Russians in the late 1970s, followed by the more recent involvement of US troops, British, Danish, etc, .The western powers with their large armies and modern weaponry must face the fact that the Taliban will not be beaten, because they are all prepared to die for the cause they believe in, and they do not want the western lifestyle that we offer in return for surrender.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Even Alexander had a hard time with Afghanistan… is the place where empires go to die…cannot remember who said that….but it is true….chuq

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