ISIS Update–2017

The term ISIS seems to slide from the headlines until someone attacks something and then it hits the front pages hard and endlessly…..

After teaching a class on terrorism I feel I need to let the readers know what is being said….some times not always in the headlines…..most of the sources are what we call the MSM…..

The Islamic State starts the new year with a drastically depleted bank account, counterterrorism officials say, following months of intensified efforts to deprive the Islamists of oil profits and other revenue used to finance military operations and terrorist attacks abroad. – Washington Post

In the past few weeks, the Islamic State has sustained a string of military defeats…Yet as the deadly truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin made clear, those losses do not diminish the group’s extraordinary power to inspire terrorist mayhem around the world, and may even help fuel it. – New York Times

A rare visit to the Raqqa front line illustrated how near and yet far off the defeat of the Islamic State may be. The battle for Mosul in neighboring Iraq has stalled, the attack in Berlin has brought home the continued threat of terrorism, and there is still no plan for an offensive on Raqqa, making the war one of the most immediate, and complicated, challenges the Trump administration will have to confront. – Washington Post

Embattled Islamic State is still managing to maintain a propaganda machine that inspires violence among its far-flung followers. – Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

A report by an organization that monitors Islamist militants’ Internet communications calls Telegram “the app of choice for many ISIS, pro-ISIS and other jihadi and terrorist elements.” The study describes the terrorists’ mass migration to Telegram as one of the most striking developments in the field recently. – Washington Post

Even as the American-led air campaign conducts bombing missions to support Iraqi troops fighting the Islamic State in Mosul, American commanders said the air war would probably play an even greater role in Syria over the coming weeks in the battle to retake Raqqa. – New York Times

Military chiefs are prepared to give President-elect Donald Trump the options he wants to intensify the fight against the Islamic State, including the possibility of granting commanders greater leeway to use secret cyber-warfare and space weapons, the top Air Force leader said. – USA Today

Space weapons?  What the Hell does that mean?

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24 thoughts on “ISIS Update–2017

  1. Uhm, space weapons has an ominous ring to it that harkens back to the 80’s and “star wars”. Maybe those $20k toilet seats at the Pentagon actually funded space lasers that can boil a terrorist brain from 24,000 miles above.

  2. I means that all telecommunication satellites are secretly or even knowingly equipped with military lasers (not military grade but plain old operated by the military). You do the math. Possibly be a lot less messy than bombs but a lot scarier too. ~~dru~~

  3. I skipped reading this one when I read the title… Sorry, but, I decided I’ve spent enough time thinking about ISIS in my life; there really is no reason for me to concern myself with them, unless one of them gets in my face. After all, they are merely a large, amorphous group of naked killer apes, all under the influence of severe delusional beliefs having no basis in reality, which allows them to abrogate their humanity in favor of their insanity. Unless I have to actively deal with one the idiots myself, I think I’ve put them in my head long enough. They aren’t worth the effort to either despise, or pity; they’re just pathetic examples of what this world produces in the way of symptoms….

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. The issue is this is a story that is false….I do not care where it was posted….but you want to believe it then it must be accurate in your mind.

  4. Like everybody else — (Myself included) — whenever somebody talks about a sensitive subject they do not agree with the source of the information always becomes “False” or “Fake News.” I have used this dodge myself on many occasions and I think it is part of the modern editorial model.

  5. Stay Safe guys, I saw yesterday that ISIS have been commenting on posts ‘making friends’ and kidnapping them, I’m not sure how it works, I’m guessing they ask them to meet up but. This started like 2 days ago, stay safe xo

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