Why Democrats Lost

How many of my readers have been lured out of the lairs to partake in annual ritual of “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday”?

Since the voting ended and Trump was declared the winner…how many times have you heard some pundit trying to explain the results?  A desperate attempt at an explanation……yawn!  My thought is…you had a crappy candidate.

Well how about one more reason?

The Democrats lost because they fielded a candidate whose personal negatives were too high, whose image as a thoroughly establishment candidate was out of tune with too many people, people seeking change at almost any price.

Source: Why Democrats Lost – LA Progressive

That is enough of the excuses…..Dems lost….get a grip!

A small update…..


4 thoughts on “Why Democrats Lost

  1. I can’t stand the right-wing blogs these days — they arrogantly claim the election proves the Republican Party is now the Party of America. Their arrogance will lead to their defeat in two years or four. And I can’t stand the left-wing blogs either — all their teeth-gnashing about the stupid emails and Comey’s letter and it’s racism and sexism and … the lists just go on and on and on. And none of them are willing to acknowledge the basic, fundamental reason the Dems lost. They nominated the worst candidate possible and remained in their echo chamber for the entire election cycle convinced that Hillary was the woman for the job — ignoring that she is disliked by many and hated by many.

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