A Progressive Agenda for Renegotiating NAFTA

Does anyone remember the rhetoric by the Trump camp around that dismal trade agreement commonly called “NAFTA”?

If he truly wants to renegotiate the agreement then I believe there needs to be some progressive ideas incorporated into the process…..

During the campaign, President-elect Donald Trump pledged to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada, or withdraw the United States from the pact.

Although no one at Trump Tower so far has asked me for advice (and I’m not waiting by my phone for a call), I know a little bit about this subject: Eight years ago I helped convene a panel of experts to make recommendations to another president who promised to rewrite NAFTA.

That would have been Barack Obama, who, as a candidate in 2008, was clear on the issue: “NAFTA’s shortcomings were evident when signed and we must now amend the agreement to fix them.”

Source: A Progressive Agenda for Renegotiating NAFTA

I have been criticizing NAFTA since the days of Bubba……I agree with Trump that it needs to be either changed or eliminated……my problem is I do not see Trump as doing what he promised….at least not right now….my opinion could change in the future but it will take some work….so far none of his appointees have impressed me with their resolve.


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