Closing Thought–28Nov16

On “Political Correctness”……………

Let me say in the opening here that I am NOT a fan in the WaPo…..but from time to time they do offer some sage thoughts….

For several years now the Right has been employing a word game with opinions of anyone that does not agree with them….”political correctness”…..

A former Sec of the Treasury has offered up an op-ed on the subject……

I will never again use the term “political correctness.” Whatever rhetorical value the term may have once had is far more than offset by what has been unleashed in the name of resistance to it since the presidential election.

I have made no secret over the years of my conviction that the sensitivities of individuals or members of various group should not be permitted to chill free speech on college campuses. I have the scars to show for speaking out against overdoing the idea of microaggression, the regulation of Halloween costumes and the prosecution of students for taking part in sombrero parties – all of which have struck me as “political correctness” run amok.

Source: Larry Summers: ‘Political correctness’ has become a codeword for hate – The Washington Post

I am sure that my Right readers will say that this is just a way to explain the opinions of those on the Left…..if so then it is a short cut because they have very little to offer as an argument…..

I am sure I will hear from them on this…..

I await the onslaught.


5 thoughts on “Closing Thought–28Nov16

  1. PC attacks always were an excuse to go ahead and continue to use hateful ethnic, sexist and racial slurs, “jokes,” sayings and such as their right to free speech and their use not to be derided because it used to be “OK” for those in power to make fun of whomever they wanted to as a means of control and “legitimate” exercise of power. I always disliked the term or acronym cause it limited my ability to refer to hate speech, racist speech, etc as Pure Crap – PC. Always reminded me of
    Tom Lehrer – National Brotherhood Week

  2. Let me know if your expectations are met to your liking. PC is just one way to avoid callinig a spade a spade and nothing more… a control mechanism …. the elite wanting to quash the real feelings of the proletariat ….

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