The Myth Of The Women’s Vote

During the campaign of 2016 the public was bombarded almost daily about the women’s vote… Trump had lost them and they were the way forward for Hillary….

All those polls were a bit off… they always are….only this time the public was more gullible than in the past.

This is a good op-ed on the myth of the women’s vote……

Among the clichés that deserve to be thrown out after the recent presidential election in the US is the idea of “women’s vote.”
It may seem surprising that only 54 percent of the female electorate voted for Hillary Clinton, the first woman nominated for president by a major party. But while gender is a strong marker for how Americans think about certain issues, it is not the best predictor of how they will vote. It turns out that female candidates do not face a single gender gap, but rather multiple gender gaps.

Source: The myth of the women’s vote | Arab News

According to all the surveys Hillary had all the major demographics…..women….Latinos….Asians…..Blacks……Millennials and yet she had her ass handed to her by Mr. Trump……at least in the Electoral College….and that is where it counts (more on that in a later post)……


8 thoughts on “The Myth Of The Women’s Vote

  1. “Women’s vote” never significantly altered the basic elitist political set-up, nor did the “black vote” or votes from any identifiable demographic. And why is that? Well, could be it’s all rigged but in my not so humble opinion, that a load of codswallop, or… it’s consistent with the old reliable brainwash, and any Earthian of any gender or color, even the bright blue ones with pink polka dots, is entirely manipulable and manageable with blasting in-your-face 24/7 propaganda or to put it in today’s parlance, with the manufacturing of consent. In this US Prez election farce, Trump, not having political mileage to account for and with the loudest mouth, was able to manufacture more consent than “we came, we saw, he died” Killer Ray.

      1. I think it worked wonderfully well: it buried the only logical choice available between two pieces of elitist shits without an iota of difference between them. As in “The Hunger Games” the show was for the plebes, the believers, the dis-empowered, the slaves. Until a “Catniss” comes around, it really doesn’t matter which sector representative survives the slaughter of the hunger games, the real entertainment is for the elites. They don’t care who “wins,” they only care about instilling dependency through fear and chaos. They will allow Trump to do as much as they want Trump to do. As long as the plebes don’t catch on to the con, the hunger games will continue until the elitist apparatus implodes from within; from its own internal corruption. And then? Ah but then it will be replaced by… exactly the same thing again. It’s such a wonderful world, look at the sun shine…!

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