Closing Thought–15Nov16

I thought I would try something new here on IST…..I will give a short summation of what I observed for the day….if it don’t work then I will move on……

I have writing this blog for about 10 years and in 2008 I observed that Obama was not the “change and hope” that voters were looking for (check the archives if you doubt my word) and I feel the same about a Donald Trump president.

So far he is backing off some of his campaign promises and NO one on the Right is concerned that they were lied to for their vote.  Instead most are fixated on the protests…as if nothing matters when it comes to Trump.

It is beginning to look like the main driver of the election was hate…..turn Americans against Americans….there is NO push back on his re-nigging on campaign promises….hate is still being spouted wrapped in the American flag…..but now it is aimed at protesters.

So far nothing I have seen coming out of the Trump transition would lead me to believe anything else.

I will agree that we need to move on……Trump was elected just like Obama was….do not slip into the hateful crap that the Right spewed for 8 years.

If Trump is a pragmatic person then we must give him a chance…..with that said….we MUST STAY vigilant.

On a closing note–I am thinking about bringing back the Assie Award, an award that I gave up in 2012 for there was little interest in it….but this election has proved that it could be a popular post for IST.


15 thoughts on “Closing Thought–15Nov16

  1. There is certainly some crazy crap being “reported” on the “news”….. I rolled my eyes on one report so hard last night that they almost fell out. As the mainstream media has become totally unreliable, it’s up to regular Americans to learn, understand, and interact with each other to spread the word.

    +1 for Assie Award, totally relevant. If you’re taking recommendations, I nominate Steve Bannon, presumptive Chief Strategist for Trump’s new Administration.

  2. Too many candidates for one award. I suggest something like the Oscars with appropriate categories.

    1. A good idea…..some have suggested a weekly or a monthly and one big winner at year’s end…thanx for the comment and I will consider your suggestion….chuq

  3. Excellent post, and a good idea. As for the award, I would have to nominate the only really appropriate recipient in this election, to wit: the American voting public….. In spite of the obvious perverted corruption presented by both viable candidates, they chose to use the same thought processes, (which actually isn’t thinking at all…) to settle for what they considered the ‘lesser’ of the two evils. As long as they continue to settle, it is clear to me where they are keeping their head, firmly up their own ass…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I ahve been getting positive feedback on the awrd thing…I gave it up in 2012 for lack of interest….but it looks like I may try it again….there will be a post later about it….would like your thoughts….chuq

      1. I put her in touch with a friend of mine who publishes; hope it works out… She wrote a copy of the book in English, which will, no doubt, need to be edited a bit…. I hope it can be released soon; from what I gather, it’s doing pretty well… This is, I think, the second launch…

        She’s amazing…

        See ya…

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