2016: The Circular Firing Squad

I have been reading about who did this terrible thing and why…..fingers are pointing in all directions……blame is being spread like bad peanut butter…..

Let’s look at what is being said….since the GOP won the big enchilada we will begin with them……

Because she led in the polls from the beginning of the race to the end, and because of assumptions, widely shared throughout the political world, about demographic trends in the United States, nearly everything I’ve written about this campaign until now was based on the assumption that Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump for the presidency.

Much of it looks foolish now, of course. And there will be plenty of time for recrimination in the weeks and months ahead. How much of this upset was due to the political media’s obsession with Clinton’s email practices and to its underplaying of Trump’s proto-fascism? How much of it was the FBI director’s late intrusion into the presidential race, raising the alarmist and ultimately inaccurate sense that Clinton was guilty of a crime? How much of it was Republican-led voter suppression in states like North Carolina (enabled by John Roberts’s Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act)? How much of it was Gary Johnson and Jill Stein? How much of it was Clinton herself?

Source: Republicans Have Pulled the Country and the World Into the Abyss | New Republic

Interesting huh?

And now what have the “liberals” done to bring about this defeat?

The earth has been shifting under our feet for a while, but all liberals want to do is desperately cling to the status quo like a life-raft. Middle-class Britons are still hyperventiliating about Brexit, and now middle-class America is trembling at the prospect of Donald Trump in the White House.

And, of course, middle-class Americans are blaming everyone but themselves. Typifying this blinkered self-righteousness was a column yesterday, written before news of Trump’s success, from Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland, Britain’s unofficial stenographer to power and Washington fanboy. He blamed everyone but Hillary Clinton for her difficult path to what he then assumed was the White House.

Source: American liberals unleashed the Trump monster – BSNEWS

Of course there is the litany of accusations against anyone that voted for a third party……but the real story is that the pollsters and pundits got it wrong….wrong….WRONG.

A closing thought……

In 2016, self-described conservatives, the supposed defenders of the eternal verities, our national traditions, and family values, are rallying to the side of a cretinous, amoral lecher and thief. And liberals, the friends of the little guy and advocates of friendship among all races of men, are siding with a desiccated grifter and war hawk.

Pundits have a lot of explanations for the terrifying, depressing mess that is the 2016 presidential election. Some of my liberal friends say this year is explained by the return of backlash politics. They say that in American history every corresponding gain in the rights and esteem of racial minorities is met with a reassertion of white supremacy. Others point to how the parties have become more polarized, and how swing voters are disappearing. I’ve pointed to the way Republican politics have failed their heartland voters, noting that these Americans took their revenge on the establishment and a conservative movement that was disconnected from its clients.

Source: This election is God’s judgment on us




8 thoughts on “2016: The Circular Firing Squad

  1. It’s all finger pointing right now. Will be a while before all this shakes out because tempers and emotions are way too high to be subjective and intelligent.

  2. If the show were reversed and Hillary had won – wouldn’t those supporters expect the Trump voters to accept it graciously? All this screaming and protesting is for the birds!! Being as most of the protesters are teenagers, it shows just how they were raised.

  3. Trying to equate the results of this election with God’s Judgments on us is kind of like listening to some of the apocolypticism of a Pat Robertson. That kind of reasoning is out of the equation of common sense. Trump won the election because of the Will of the People. If you want to take issue with his election and find out why he defeated Hillary then ask the People who cast their votes for him. The Liberal establishment had made certain presumptious mistakes prior to the election and they paid the price for their arrogance. They talked down to an American People who had gotten damned well tired of being talked down to by elitists and they came forth in a tidal wave of support and voted Donald Trump into the presidency. It don’t get no plainer or simpler or complex than that.

    1. looks like he won the electoral college not the vote…but that is a story for another day….ALL politicians talk down to the people and Trump is no different…..John he won but it was not a tidal wave….

      1. A tidal wave is a wall of water that engulfs everything in its path. I do not see much left of the clinton campaign. The fantasy the MSM tried to enforce simply evaporated in the light of reality.

  4. I think I’m going to enjoy this coming era more than I thought I would, especially if it continues to generate such hilarious pieces as the ones above, as well as a few of the comments…. I had a grin on my face the whole time reading this post.

    Ever watch the people in a mall from a high vantage point? It’s like watching pond water under a microscope in its complexity and constant motion. The way the MSM and those who buy into politics are running around, blaring their opinions on what happened, reminds me very much of any large group when viewed from afar, like how ants react to a big stick poked into their hill…

    gigoid, the dubious

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