To Rig Or Not To Rig

Today is the day that so many have been waiting to arrive….they get to sit on the edge of their chair and pray that their person will win the White House and the country will magically be transformed into this “wonderland” that has been promised for 200 years and yet somehow has eluded the possibility altogether.

The media and its pundits have their polls and opinion and thanx to them this has become the biggest shit storm in a century.

Then there is all the faux comments about the election being rigged…..personally I think it is just a set up so when one loses they have an excuse to feed the flames of whiny voters……but not to be out done the media has come up with a “brilliant” plan to help them drive that accusation as well as everything else about this election….

If misery and politics make strange bedfellows, their Election 2016 love child in the Fourth Estate is a nascent project called Electionland. As Politico reports, major media outlets are abandoning the time-honored practice of scooping each other in order to combine reporting forces in the name of making sure Election Day is as clean as possible. “It’s an entire national newsroom, essentially only looking at problems facing people who vote,” says a senior reporting fellow at ProPublica, the nonprofit which gave birth to Electionland earlier this year and was quickly joined by the likes of the New York Times,USA Today, and Google News Lab, as well as scores of more regional media outlets like the Arizona Republic, Miami Herald, and the Virginian-Pilot.

Notable among those who declined to partner up: CNN and the Associated Press. Yet it’s what Quartz calls “an unprecedented gathering of journalists,” and includes newsrooms set up at City University of New York and at 13 journalism schools. On Tuesday, Electionland will watch social media, Google search trends, and data from the Election Protection project, as well as receive reports from reporters on the ground. “This is a really interesting experiment,” says a politics editor at USA Today. “I don’t know exactly how it’s going to work. I don’t think any of us do. It seems like the right thing to do.” Adds Snopes’ managing editor: “It’s going to be a sh– show.”

To me this sounds like yet another attempt for the media to control the news cycle as they have done for decades with their polls and pundits…..

And then there is this bit of “news”……about exit polls……

In the old days (meaning before this election), results from exit polls weren’t released by the news groups until all polls had closed. But thanks to a joint initiative via Slate, Vice News, and a company called Votecastr, how exit polls are handled this time around will be a “dramatic departure,” Politico reports. This “unprecedented Election Day experiment,” as Slate puts it, will offer real-time projections of who’s ahead in the polls at any given time in seven battleground states. “We’re hoping to fill in the 24-hour void between the last pre-election poll analysis and the counting of the votes with data that can begin to answer the heretofore unanswerable question: Who’s actually voting?” Sasha Issenberg of Votecastr tells Politico. The effort will cover Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, as well as a modified look at Colorado’s results.

But Votecastr is courting controversy, as experts fret that word of who’s pulling ahead minute by minute could affect voter turnout. “I’m profoundly uncomfortable with characterizing election results during Election Day,” a member of the ABC News “decision desk” told the New York Times in September, when the project was announced. But Slate notes that feared alteration of voter turnout is an “unproven theory,” and Issenberg says voters keeping an eye on Votecastr—manned by both Democratic and GOP data experts—are already bombarded by pre-Election Day polls and stats. “Why should information on Election Day itself be held to a different standard than on the day before it?” he tells Politico. Read Slate’s in-depth explainer.

I do not like this stuff…the MSM is becoming too involved in the voting process when they should be reporting not creating……

But that is just my thoughts.


26 thoughts on “To Rig Or Not To Rig

  1. WTF? I’m so sick of MSM. There is no way in hell that the majority of MSM owned by 6 companies can even get CLOSE to impartial when they’re this close. Real-time election results is impossible, so anything they report is “hearsay” and unless something has changed, hearsay is not admissible. I’m afraid of the precedent this is creating.

      1. Feels like a giant lab experiment to see how many American’s get through to the cheese. I saw the maze, climbed out 🙂

  2. God does not answer prayers about elections and I will tell you why: Here is an example of the same kind of thing — Two enemy soldiers from two warring countries face each other on the battle field. Before either of them draws a weapon with which to kill his enemy which is now face to face with him, they both stop and pray to God to grant them the victory. Since God is no respecter of persons such a prayer hits the ground rather than ascending into heaven. It is the same with elections. God has already got His Mind made up about the winner and no amount of praying is going to change the outcome one little bit. The outcome has been planned in Heaven for a long long time and it is all meant to serve God’s eternal purpose and His plan for Mankind. In my mind if Hillary wins the election it will be because God has decided America needs a little chastising in order to draw it closer to Him. If Trump wins it means that God wants to bless Americans for their stalwart faithful to Him and to His purposes. I doubt the latter will happen because I do not believe America deserves that kind of blessing just yet. We have not been faithful as we could be. Most of us have gone our own way like wayward sheep and I think we need a little slap on the behind by God right now … and I think we are about to get it — one way or the other.

      1. I know when to quit. After struggling for years it is time to let it go. I have moved to blogger again just to have a place to talk to the wind. I am not talking about you, though because you have been a close and wonderful supporter and friend. I will never have anything but the highest regard for you and I will always be grateful for all the kind words and the help you have given me.

      2. I am tired and old and I am not getting any younger. I hate disappointing people. I do. But I have made the move. I hve shut the whole thing down. I have cancelled renewals on my subscriptions at It is over. I am resting temporarily over at blogger. I do not know how long I will be there either. Liofe is becoming wearying.

      1. I follow a lot of different blogs and have seen worse and they are still up and running….maybe it was in some of the tinkering…just a thought…I had no problem reading your stuff….

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