Does America Know What It’s Doing in the Middle East?

With this election the Middle East has taken a backseat to the antics of the candidates and their supporters…….while everyone is flapping their lips the death and destruction continues…..

But with the election at an end there is one question that needed to be asked for a long time now…..

Does The US know what they are doing in the Middle East?

More U.S. troops and patience won’t fix what ails the region.

The United States has been heavily involved in the greater Middle East, including the Persian Gulf, parts of North Africa, the Horn of Africa and Afghanistan in Central Asia, for over forty-seven years. The U.S. foreign policy establishment seems determined to stay there for at least another half century, despite that fact that our strategic objectives are unclear at best, and our ability to achieve much beyond short-term military successes has proved wanting.

U.S. officials established an active military presence in the Persian Gulf in 1979 following the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Subsequently, the worst-case scenarios were averted—the collapse of the House of Saud, a Soviet victory in Afghanistan, and Saddam Hussein in possession of Kuwaiti oil fields. But Americans’ memories are also punctuated by tragedies and setbacks, from the Beirut bombing and the Mogadishu firefight, to the more recent disastrous war in Iraq and the ongoing fight against ISIS. These episodes often overshadow the day-to-day courage and sacrifice, as well as the individual acts of heroism, by the members of the U.S. military tasked with bringing order to a notoriously disordered part of the world.

Source: Does America Know What It’s Doing in the Middle East? | The National Interest Blog

My opinion is NO the US does not what it has done…..

The so-called “Arab Spring,” a series of popular upheavals throughout the Middle East and North Africa triggered in late 2010 by an increase in food prices in North Africa, was misinterpreted in the West as a pro-democracy movement. With misguided support from Europe and the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama, the movement spread, destabilizing the region. In Egypt in particular, a government takeover by Muslim fundamentalists ended only after the military intervened. The country, a core partner of the U.S., can no longer play its stabilizing role in the region.

Historically, political miscalculations and land grabs by Great Britain and France have led to the creation of artificial states in the Middle East, such as Iraq and Syria. Today, these are failed states, playgrounds for regional and global powers, as well as non-state actors, such as Daesh (also known as Islamic State or IS) and other terror groups. Except for Daesh, these groups receive at least some support from regional powers, and also from the U.S. and Russia, which are fighting a proxy war in Syria and Iraq.

Source: Western policy blunders helped turn the Middle East into a playground for regional and global powers

Sadly I do not think that who ever wins this silly election will change things for the better and we will be ass deep in the problems of thew Middle East for many years to come.

The only way out of this quagmire is to end our interventionism altogether….

Looking over the global landscape, the areas most touched by US interventionist foreign policy are objectively in the worst, most desperate shape. The mainstream media will report that the current disaster in Syria came about because the people decided to stand up to a cruel dictator in the “Arab Spring” that swept through the greater Middle East in 2011, and that the dictator cracked down so hard it caused the violence to spin out of control. We know, of course, that is not the whole story. The US had been involved in fomenting unrest in Syria at least five years or more before violence broke out. A WikiLeaks-released cable from 2006 shows how hard the US Embassy in Damascus was working to figure out a way to overthrow the government. Shortly after the partially manufactured protests devolved into violence, the CIA moved in and began arming (and importing) rebels to finish the deed. In five years the country has been destroyed, hundreds of thousands killed, millions left without homes.

Source: The End of Interventionism? – Original by —

Another situation is that the US cannot end its interventionism…..because it is now an addiction that will not be easy to kick as long as the pushers of war can make their profits.


19 thoughts on “Does America Know What It’s Doing in the Middle East?

  1. I think we enter some of these conflicts with little forethought and not enough planning and there doesn’t ever seem to be a real plan to win any of them anymore .. so No, I do not think we know what we are doing but I believe those who profit from war are more than glad that we do what we have been doing. It means big bucks to some people.

    1. I hope that he is okay and he has the country’s blessing for his service…..that was not a well thought out action….thanx for your comment….chuq

      1. I am a Middle East analyst and he is a wise person…..but no one asked us what the chances of success were….and as they say the rest is history….chuq

      2. I would be pleased to answer any question that you may have…..I have not worked there for many years but I try to keep up to date….so please…ask away….chuq

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