When Trump Speaks

This election holds nothing for me…..if you believe the media then I have two choices….a lying Clinton or a buffoon Trump….but when have I let the media or others dictate what I believe?

For the life of me I cannot understand the appeal of Trump for a portion of this society (I can understand why and so can you)….the portion that wraps itself in the flag and is concerned about the loss of liberties…..and no matter what crap he spouts they cannot see any flaws in his speech….so leads me to believe it is not the person but rather his rhetoric…..

I wish I had saved all the quotes that he has made since he announced his candidacy over a year ago….but since I was not that in-tuned I will just have to go with some of his most recent stuff…..

The bombs in NY/NJ…..he predicted that they were bombs….now that is perceptive….an explosion could have been something else….at least he had a 50/50 chance of being right.

But let’s talk about the bombings……afterwards he doubled down on his rhetoric…..

…..the controversial call to profile and ban Muslims from entering the country has been one of the cornerstones of Trump’s presidential campaign.

And while Trump argued on conservative media that Syrian refugees ought to punished for this latest act of violence…..

He praises the Police and then says this……

Trump says. During a lengthy interview with Fox and Friends, Trump accused the New York City Police Department of knowing who the terrorists are before they attack, but allowing the attacks to happen anyway

The PDs allow these things to happen?  Prove it and Then let us prosecute them for “aiding and abating”……

One point that many of Mr. Trump’s supporters go on and on about is the 1st amendment….but yet Trump seems tho blame a free press for the acts of violence…..

In his effort to capitalize on this weekend’s New York bombings, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump blamed freedom of speech in general and freedom of the press in particular for the attacks, insisting that he is “totally in favor of freedom of the press” but wants to dramatically curb the ability to print certain things.

Trump claimed “where you buy magazines and they tell you how to make these same bombs” should be illegal, and that the US “should arrest the people that do that.” He didn’t mention the magazine’s name, but speculation is he was referring to al-Qaeda’s online magazine, Inspire, which is not available for sale anywhere.

Trump went on to insist that “websites are the same thing, those people should be arrested,” saying that the US has been using freedom of speech as an excuse not to arrest people for such unacceptable speech. This is not the first time Trump has come out critical of press freedom.

These are the same supporters that claim Obama is wanting to shut down our 1st amendment rights…..

I guess to these minute mind supporters see the Constitution is a document for them and them alone….

I bet you think I would leave Clinton…let her have a free ride as it were….then you are WRONG!….so very wrong!

While she is not attacking the Constitution or our rights….she is setting the stage for her possible loss by finding excuses other than her being a horrible candidate…..her minions are trolling the net using the old meme “that a vote for a 3rd party is a vote for Trump”……but she has gone further….

The recent bombings are a plot by Russia to support Trump…..

Blaming Russia has been the go-to strategy for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton since the convention, and that appears unchanged today, with reporters asking if Clinton was concerned that the weekend bombings in New York and New Jersey were a Russian plot to try to get Donald Trump elected.


In a purely sick way I kinda would like to see Trump win the election…..why?

Because I want to see if he has the balls to crap on the Constitution….and when his BS fails to occur who will the blame?

Trump?  Not a chance!  It will be the Dems fault along with the apologists, liberals and other assorted low lifes (according to them)  ……..

It will be fascinating to see just how they spin his lies and promises that go unfulfilled.

What is it that makes his supporters follow him blindly…and defend every word he utters?  Please do not use the term “balls”…it takes NO balls to spout crap blogs prove that….

My day is done…..tomorrow will be another day….peace out!


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