Dangers of an Impulsive President

During this election process I have spent more time researching my options than I normally do…..for one reason is that the two major candidates are nothing for the future of the US…….

I have listened to all the crap spread by the GOP candidate and I think he is too impulsive to be a good president…..I read a good example of why this is in a blog entitled Nomadic Politics……..I press it here for your reading enjoyment….or disdain if you want….

Raw Story recently ran a piece about American Republican political consultant and policy advisor Karl Rove’s take on Donald Trump. On Friday afternoon’s Fox Business News, Rove had a lot of bitter whiny things to say. The term used was an “epic rant.”
He dared to ask the question whether Trump actually wants to win. If so, how can anybody explain the daily gaffes and the misjudgments and, well, the nonsense? What the hell is going on? In particular, the former George W. Bush chief-of-staff deplored how easily Trump could be distracted and baited.
Rove cited example after example in which the GOP nominee could (plausibly) have turned his campaign around. Visibly angry, Rove pointed out that Trump squandered those opportunities, picking an unwinnable fight with Gold Star families, and making outrageous and ignorant claims about Obama and ISIS.

Source: Forethought and Consequences: Trump, Rove and the Unimaginable Dangers of an Impulsive President | Nomadic Politics

Don’t know if I would trust Rove as far as I can spit him…..

An article I found interesting….I hope you did also.

46 thoughts on “Dangers of an Impulsive President

  1. You are talking about the guy they once called “Bush’s Brain” here (Rove) — someone who is no longer significant to the political dialogue in America and as to Trump’s being “Impulsive” I would say, “Better an impulsive Trump who shows the gonads to actually make decisions and to lead than the other alternative who is often barely able to stand without being physically supported.”

    1. I suppose ‘gonads’ are all relative….
      Impulsive gonads make me uneasy…whether on Killary or Trump!

      1. All our presidents have been one degree of impulsive or another and “Impulsive” is not a legitimate tag to apply to Trump … but those who despise him will make full use of it. George W. Bush seemed a bit impulsive to me when he invaded Iraq, Harry Truman seemed a bit impulsive when he dropped the atomic bomb, … plenty of examples …

      2. A real leader is not impulsive…Truman bought into the idea that it would save lives after much discussion….Trump has not shown that he is capable of reflection…at least not to me.

      3. It got as bad as it could get under the administration that brought us the Patriot Act and other dissimulations that ended up in the destruction of individual liberty. The worst Trump can do is to prevent the United States from becoming a caliphate.

      4. But if he is capable of that one thing it will be enough to satisfy me. I am sure too that he would not run around the world kissing our enemies rear ends the way that some have been doing and I am sure he would not be making trips to foreign soil to apologize for America either. But not to fear. The coronation will proceed as planned because the end of this election was written long before now and the elite will have their way as always.

      5. John Heritage has been in the forefront of partisan crap….I will look elsewhere for neutral stories…thanx anyway,,,,but they are the typical stop for anti-Obama folks.

      6. Yes … your own research …. from neutral sources …. with which you agree …. good job. Thanks for sharing. I would be inclined to do the same — and I always try to do the same. But everything I write is always biased so I cannot claim neutrality. My eccentric nature tends to run in the circles where the pots are stirred because … it is fun to stir the crap …. it makes people think … it shocks them into thinking … I don’t care what they think of me … as long as they think.

      7. That may be your style my friend but not mine….as a Trump supporter you do not think their are unbiased sources…good for you if that helps you sleep….

      8. John you have your beliefs and nothing I say and show you will change any of that….as it should be….I use all source including conserv ones but I do not use sites that have a agenda that they profit from…Drudge, Infowars, etc…..I find the same story in different locations and then analyze the info and make up my mind….I may be wrong but that is seldom.

      9. I would suggest that you do not say “PBS” because they are as Hillary-Centric as anybody can get. — But what about “Wikinews?” — AlterNet — The Real News —The Independent — Reuters? Are they unbiased in your opinion?

      10. Independent thought is not hard to find….just hard for people to grasp….John I have given many in the past for I have been writing for 40 years but as normal….no one listens so why continue to spin my wheels?

      11. Why then are you blogging and imparting information to people who might be learning something from what you are blogging about? Just give me a couple of these unbiased sources so that I can look at them please.

      12. In Saner Thought…if anyone reads the post and not just the title then they will have many sources that they can check and read….I write because I like to write…I analyze because I was taught to do that by the Army…..

      13. Looking for accuracy is not easy and it is time consuming…but since I am old and little time left…I do it for the sheer enjoyment….

      14. Unfortunately you are right…..politics is no more than Theatre…Farce..call it what you will..and people line up to join the circus…hootin’& ahowlin’

    2. Not a fan either…but words are cheap…I do not think Trump will be as bold as he pretends…he may be able to bully business rivals but the world stage is not that simple.

      1. I think he will surround himself with knowledgable advisors and will consult with them in a very businesslike manner and will make his decisions in much the same way he made them while building his business empire. I think he will surprise a lot of people but I also think he will receive the same kind of obstructionism that Obama did … in fact it Hillardy get elected she will receive the same kind of obstructionism too because I believe the Congress has gotten to the point where it believes there is no longer a need for an Executive Branch.

      2. So far the ones we know are in the bag with the M-IC….Congress will remain because it is a great gig….full time pay for part-time work….why eliminate that?

  2. Re: ” … Oh he is capable of so much more….” ( But that is enough for me. If he is just able to accomplish that much it is enough for me.). I think he might also refuse to go around the world making apologies for America too and I think he would be less than willing to kiss the rear ends of our enemies like some in this administration have been known to do … No names …

    1. Good point….but then a lot of people could be called that…I mean why does he get a free ride on what he says…..anyone else saying it would be raked over the coals….

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