2016: The Slight Stink Of Authoritarianism

Finally the Right turds have their attack that they can write about ad nauseum…..they have had little to go on about other than the Clinton health “scare”…..now they will have their “told you so” moment.

But I digress.

By now the clownish process of picking a president has become a puke-fest……for people that think campaigns should be about issues then this time you are sadly disappointed…..this time around it has NOTHING to do with the issues and everything to do with the manure of the candidates.

This election has seen an issue that most thought was not possible in this country……that of the rise of authoritarianism.

It is interesting that those that support Trump cannot see it….even if they look up the characteristics they still do not believe what they read.  Then when confronted with the facts and they still will not see the similarities leads me to believe that they support his rhetoric totally….all the hate, vile and the bigotry.

Because they can find nothing in his rhetoric that is objectionable–they must agree with his total message.

Amazing that the same message has been spouted in Europe for a long time from the far Right…….and it is the same message that is uttered by Mr. Trump……disguised as “Make America Great Again” con.

The more I watch and read the rhetoric of Donald Trump, the more I find myself at times unexpectedly reflecting on some lessons I learned in the Central European country of Slovakia when I was a Fulbright Fellow there in 2002, and had as my host a man who was a member of the Slovak parliament and a prominent politician in that nation’s right wing, fascist-leaning political party. The similarities between Trump’s rhetoric and that of my host and his right wing platform are striking. It is unlikely this shared rhetoric is another case of plagiarism by the Trump campaign, since I suspect Trump is no student of post-communist politics, but there is no doubt the similarity stands as an example of how those with authoritarian interests gravitate to the same themes and attempt to tap the same anger and the same common fears among those they hope to control.  While he is trying to soften some of his rhetoric now in order to gain credibility for a general election, the fact remains that Trump’s interests are authoritarian, and his previous tactics were successful because he followed the authoritarian playbook for mobilizing anger and fear. Having witnessed up-close how such characters justify their authoritarian motives, the only thing I have found surprising about Trump’s rise is not that it could happen in the U.S., but that it could happen to a person who lacks what I thought was a requisite charisma to bear forth such rhetoric. My host in Slovakia had such charisma, and while I was never mesmerized by it or lost my bearings in relationship to it, I did get to glimpse how such a person with such beliefs gains support.

Source: Donald Trump Is a Typical Authoritarian Right out of Central Europe — I’ve Seen Them Up Close | Alternet

I do not want to use the “F” word….but it does have a slight odor about it.

Trump is even sounding like some of the European old time Far Righties……

The British vote on EU membership could be an early sign of a European political tsunami, as insurgent political parties across the continent use referendums as their weapon of choice to challenge the traditional political elites. From the Brexit vote to Hungary’s upcoming referendum on the EU’s migrant resettlement plans, how is Europe’s foreign policy being affected? Douglas Carswell, UKIP MP for Clacton, gives his opinion

The rhetoric in the US during this election should have the voter concerned….but it appears as if none seem to notice the tone and the implications during this time.

9 thoughts on “2016: The Slight Stink Of Authoritarianism

  1. You speak of the lack of discussion on the issues in this campaign: Has anyone noticed that neither Hillary or Donald has said a word about the national deficit? What went with all the other campaign favorites of past years … such things as “Family and Moral Values,” “Abortion,” “Jobs?”

      1. It does seem to be a personality parade. Hillary and her sense of entitlement to become the first woman president and Trump …. but I am a Trump supporter so I cannot criticize him too much just yet…

      2. I kinda like those with Ike (sarcasm) his chiefs wanted him to use a nuke option against China on several occasions….the Eisenhower Doctrine was a pretty good piece of work the problem was after he left office all others pissed it up…

  2. It all seems to me to be a reflection of the world-wide picture, in which NOTHING is going to ever make sense, until the impending catastrophic adjustments our world is going to present to us have reduced our population to a manageable level; that, or, complete extinction. It’s a bit hard to tell yet which will occur, as Mama Nature isn’t letting us in on her plans for us…but, we can all be sure most of us won’t be around to see it all.

    It’s out of control, ffolkes. There is simply more social inertia than can be stopped, by any means within our power now. The rules of Reality don’t flex, when it comes to the bottom line, and we have ignored that line for too long. This election, and the insane circus that is now world politics. is merely a symptom of the impending collapse….

    gigoid, the dubious

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