Can Violent Extremism Be Beat?

The issue has slid from the news for now… seems that it is not as important as it once was…..for today there is more concern about some immigrants and the health of our candidates.  It will return to prominence as soon as another attack occurs……

In doing research on terrorism I have been looking for research that would lead to a successful program that could defeat extreme violence….terrorism if you will.

These days about the only place you can find opinions about a more realistic program against this form of terror is from the region where they must deal with it daily…..

The Muslim world needs to have a moment of reflection and reckoning. This needs to start from within. It requires a revolution of the mind

Violent extremism is a global phenomenon and has many causes. It can be motivated by religious, secular or nationalistic ideas. It is also related to the socio-political circumstances in which individuals react to what they consider to be great injustice and oppression. Wars, internecine fighting, civil wars, tribal hostilities, failed states and a host of other factors play a role in the rise and spread of violent extremism. There is more than one reason for the emergence of violent extremism and we need to adopt an integrated approach to understanding its causes and operate at several levels to contain and prevent it.

Such an approach requires work mainly at two levels: the level of ideas and the level of facts. Violent extremism as an idea is a driving force for various terrorist groups from Daesh and PKK to ETA and anti-Muslim Buddhist nationalists in Myanmar. Fighting against them requires a battle of ideas where attempts to justify terrorist methods are rejected based on authentic and authoritative sources.

Source: Violent extremism: How to fight the monster without becoming one | Middle East Eye

During a the Islamic month of Ramadan there was a rash of attacks by the barbarous group that calls itself….ISIS……this group uses the religion of Islam as a cover for their inhumane acts….that is where the defeat begins…..

The recent terrorist attacks in several countries by individuals inspired by the so-called Islamic State (IS) highlight the enduring ideological threat of IS. Serious consolidated efforts are needed to meet the threat with counter-ideology messages to target audiences.

Source: CO16203 | IS Terrorism: How to Win the Ideological Battle | RSIS

Here’s a thought…..maybe instead of planning sessions at the Pentagon a better program would be to go to the region and get their take on a solution…..

These are only ideas to expand on….hopefully someone is listening.


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