What Became of the Left?

Ah sweet memories of youth.

Back in my younger days I was what one could call a radical….a child of the Left…..I was anti-war, anti-just about anything that wreaked of capitalism.

Now I am an old fart and way too old to do the things I did in my youth ….the protesting, the confrontations…..and since those days there is a nagging question that eats at me……where the Hell is the Left I knew?

In the years since my “retirement” from the movement this country has lost its will to attempt to make change…..the protests today have little to do with the war machine and its strangle hold on the government…

I read an article in the Unz Reader about this very thing…..(sometimes this site is a bit too Libertarian for me….but it makes good points at times)……

Acquaintances of my generation are puzzled by the disappearance of the American left. They remember when there was far less war, far less monopoly capitalist theft, a less rich and powerful elite, less police violence against civilians, less militarization, less privatization and deregulation, fewer attacks on the social safety net, less propaganda from the media, and yet, despite the milder state of affairs, the leftwing was present raising hell about it all.

For fifteen years, and more if we go back to the Clinton regime’s destruction of Yugoslavia, the US has been engaged in wars on populations in seven—eight counting Yugoslavia/Serbia—countries, causing millions of deaths, disabled, and dislocated peoples. A police state has been created, the US Constitution stripped of its protective features, and massive crimes committed under both US and international law by three administrations. These crimes include torture, transparant false flag events, naked aggression (a war crime), spying without warrants, and murder of US citizens. Yet, the leftwing’s voice is barely heard.

Source: What Became of the Left? – The Unz Review

The Left fell victim to the “charm” of the Clintons and it has lasted for a generation…..but thanx to the 2016 election there is a real possibility that the Left can be revived….wars are a way of life now and will become more so when the Clinton clan reoccupies the White House.

Time for a re-awakening of a movement for the Left and the antiwar movement.

Think Green as a beginning!

8 thoughts on “What Became of the Left?

  1. Left got married, had kids, got mortgages, got laid off three times, lost shirts on mortgages, got rich on Wall St., got busy in Silicon Valley, stayed stoned, became the establishment they opposed, got fed up…? Back to Pareto – only 10% of any public is actively left or right at any given time, so it does not take much to seem they are not active. Of the 5% left, how many became one issue leftists – feminism, civil rights, children’s rights, animal rights, anti-war, utopian cultists, hermits? Is Green Party in Germany still the Green Party co-founded by Petra Kelly? How many of those who were in Grant Park are still active in advocacy. Or those who marched with Poor People’s Campaign, or surrounded the Pentagon with Frank Zappa? And those who lit up the Haight? How many just took the money and ran for the woods? Grin. Every Generation’s hot blood runs to water and only a few gather in pubs from morning to night basking in talk about the almost victories and the many losses. Didn’t Cicero and St. Augustine or St. Francis write about the same things? American Greens – lots of time to gain ground and organize but… GOP my have become a radical right Whig party to be replaced by? Bull Moose Progressives? Is it 5 PM someplace now?

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