USS Liberty Veterans Association | Letter to Bibi

A letter was sent to Israel’s PM BiBi about the attack so many years ago…..[lease take some time and read the thoughts of those who lived through the attack…..

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,
Usually I write America’s political and military leaders on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  I try to remind them about the men and women who serve this Country and the obligation that they have in protecting them and honoring their sacrifice.  I tell them about protecting our rights and freedoms and not let their ambitions stand in the way of the decisions they make.
I sympathize with the Jewish people with the horrors of World War II.
I also lost relatives during the war to the Nazis.  An uncle and a cousin, and two of my uncles were in slave labor camps.  I realize that the Jewish people need a homeland.  But the size of Israel has changed dramatically since 1948 through the acquisition of lands due to wars.  And this is where my sympathy with Israel ends.

Source: USS Liberty Veterans Association | Letter to Bibi

SAfter you have read this letter take a good look at the signees of said letter…..see anyone you recognize?

In case you were too f*cking lazy or uninterested enough to take a few moments to read then among the names are Obama, Biden, Boehner, Clinton, et al……and yet it is still taboo to mention this attack and the murder of American sailors in public.

Why is that?

6 thoughts on “USS Liberty Veterans Association | Letter to Bibi

  1. I am sorry, but, this only adds to the evidence our world is completely perverted, my friend. It is, indeed, a shameful issue, but, merely one of many in a literal pantheon of lies and manipulations carried out by every government there is in the world. For too long, the only people who have been given power are those who seek it… the very worst candidates for possessing it, as they are guaranteed to abuse it….

    It’s time to clean your weapons, make sure you supplies of powder and balls is full, and dry. The hard rain’s a gonna fall, and soon….

    gigoid, the dubious

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