Gone But Not Forgotten

I remember as a child having to play that game where a bell rings and we assume the position for an atomic blast…..we would hide under desks and put our heads down with our hands over our ears….that was the days of the Cold War when we were close to a nuke war almost everyday…..at least that is what they we preaching…..God I am glad those days are gone…..or are they?

Once the Cold War ended the emphasis on the nuclear threat was lessened…..but the weapons are still there and other countries have moved into the sphere of nuke threat……

The Cold War might be over, but nuclear brinkmanship is still going strong

Source: Why nuclear Armageddon is a very real danger

You know you people really should pull the head out of ass and stop worrying about stuff that is a “maybe” and focus on the things that could actually do you some harm…..but maybe that is too much to ask……appears that Americans can only concentrate on one issue at a time….that could explain the poor choices made in the voting process.

14 thoughts on “Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. “Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle. Some things are within your control. And some things are not.” — Epictetus

    Sadly, a nuclear holocaust is one of those things we, as individuals, cannot control. So, there’s no sense in worrying over it; as Lazarus reminded us, more people have died from worry than ever bled to death…..

    Gotta pick your battles….


    1. So true….the problem is there is no rational thought going into the decision…..political ones matter logic does not….Syria is living proof…chuq

      1. LOL time infinity!

        chuq! Name ONE issue on the national or international stage in which rational thought plays a part!

        I’ve got SERIOUS money says you can’t come up with one….


        gigoid, the very dubious

      1. Since birth, actually… I just don’t like to show it in public; people might start to expect it….

        *snarky grin*

        gigoid, indeed


      2. The only way you can prove it is to yourself…grin
        A Ranting Man is not rational…..case proven.

      3. Perhaps not; but, only while ranting. To rant effectively at all requires rational preparation and organization… Or, one can, such as now, slip back into debate rules/mode where virtually any literary, verbal, or otherwise witty response is acceptable.

        Or, I could just shut up….

        Nah. Never gonna happen…



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