Food Nazi Speaks (Again)

Once again on the weekend the old Food Nazi has something to say about food and the way we Americans tend to flock to trends and fads……tell me how many of you eat kale?  Why?  It is a horrible tasting thing that at best makes a good garnish.

All that is this whole crappy thing about eating healthy.  We are told that a drink that looks like pond scum is good for you.  Or that some berry from the East has some sort of magic healing power.

A whole industry has been devised to help you eat healthy…..meanwhile you drop dead anyway.

There is the thing… it always that healthy?

Like many people, one middle-age woman in an Israeli study just couldn’t seem to find a diet that worked. The problem: The seemingly healthy tomatoes she was eating multiple times per week were actually causing her blood sugar levels to spike. The New Zealand Herald reports the researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science have made a key insight in the science of dieting, discovering that the bodies of different people can respond differently to the exact same meal—even an apparently healthy one. “There are profound differences between individuals,” researcher Eran Segal says. “In some cases, individuals have opposite responses to one another.” What that means is a diet that works for one person might be ineffective for another, and the future of dieting could lie in meal plans created specifically for individuals.

Researchers monitored 800 volunteers for a week and surveyed nearly 47,000 meals with a focus on the glycemic index, which ranks foods based on how they affect blood sugar, according to a press release. Doctors and nutritionists have long used the index to recommend diets, believing it to be a constant for everyone. Instead, the study in Cell found that the glucose levels of volunteers responded differently to the exact same foods, independent of age or BMI, the Herald reports. “I think about the possibility that maybe we’re really conceptually wrong in our thinking about the obesity and diabetes epidemic,” Segal says. The assumption is that people who gain unwanted weight are ignoring advice because they’re unable to control their eating—”but maybe people are actually compliant, but in many cases we were giving them wrong advice.” (It was easier to be thin 20 years ago.)

If you want to eat healthy……then use your head and not the TV…

17 thoughts on “Food Nazi Speaks (Again)

  1. They finally figured out they don’t know shit…. about damn time.

    By eating right, and lightly, I lost 80 lbs in a year, to get back to my athletic weight of 175#. I now take NO pills, for diabetes, for cholesterol, or for blood pressure, simply by reassuming the lifestyle and common sense diet we all actually know ourselves….

    BTW, I actually know, and make, a pretty good kale soup recipe, (it;s actually a beef stew with kale added), that I learned from a friend; she’s Portuguese by ancestry, and they use it a lot…. It is actually pretty healthy even for a leafy green vegie, with high antioxidants and a LOT of iron…..that’s why it makes stuff taste funny. It’s so powerful, one must learn to use it almost like an herb, so the flavor is balanced with the other ingredients…. Tricky, but, having tasted the soup she made, it’s worth it….

    gigoid, the dubious (also a chef d’cuisine, if I hadn’t mentioned it…. Graduated 1988 from the California Culinary Academy, with over forty-five years in the craft…. Eating too well is part of how I got so fat….

    See ya, bro…. love to talk food, even with a nazi….


    1. I also worked as a chef for awhile…Mexican cuisine….then I opened a small cafe….so I appreciate good food….but I am a traditionalist….do not tart food up….prepare it the way it is intended….not a fan of “Fusion”….that is why I call myself a “food nazi”….chuq

      1. Gotcha, which isn’t surprising, as I too hate foo foo food….Even after my culinary education in haute cuisine, Euro style (French, Italian, Swiss, German, etc…. Not much English food, it’s mostly starch & gravy. Bangers are good though….) I do like SOME fusion food, but, not when it goes to the nouvelle style of presentation, or that silly habit so many have now of making up sauces & tapinades with weird ingredients nobody ever heard of outside some Peruvian village a thousand years ago…. and it still tastes like chicken!

        LOL! Give me a hot beef sandwich with mashed taters, brown gravy, and green beans, and I’m a happy guy…. Of course, a nice 05 Cabernet goes well with that… that’s the best part of the chef education I got; learning to pair wines and foods…. It’s amazing what a good wine and a steak can do for each other…

        SIGH…. now I’m hungry…. and I can’t eat at almost 0300, or it will go right into weight I already lost….

        See ya…


      1. Well, the do add nice color as a garnish… Other than that I tend to treat them like cukes, which I believe Samuel Johnson said should be peeled, sliced, dressed with oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper, then thrown in the trash as inedible…. Beets fall in the same category, taste-wise… The Russians are just perverse…. and, in the middle of a starving winter in that place, you might not care what it tasted like, if that’s all there was…

        I don’t eat out much any more anyway; too much of that crap going on. I’ve got my favorite diners, where I get what I want, and leave the nouvelle to the yuppies and mundanes…


    2. I am not a fan of English/Irish foods…
      I loathe ‘Carveries’ at the best of times…hunks of meat sweating under lights for hours……..
      I love Kale and All things veg….lightly cooked al dente ..mind you you need a good set of teeth…Being a healthy lass I love biting/chewing into a freshly cooked/killed free range chicken not fed on corn please…
      Baby goat is sublime in Spain……..
      However,I am not really a beef person……neither do I support industrial farming..
      We eat far too much meat….
      my preference?
      The Mediterranean diet emphasizes: Eating primarily plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts. Replacing butter with healthy fats, such as olive oil. Using herbs and spices instead of salt to flavor foods. Limiting red meat to no more than a few times a month.
      A lot of rubbish around food
      A bit of a food nazi myself…..This nation was healthier during the war years…
      mind you their teeth were pretty bad….
      Without teeth ouch…..sipping gruel comes to mind……
      poor old toothless people
      not being able to chew…I still derive great pleasure in tearing at a chicken leg gnawing it..primeval
      I am blessed with teeth…but then I always considered it a priority……

      All things in Moderation….’Know Thyself.’

      1. PS…
        I grow beets…love em…..keep your ‘diners’
        you might live longer…;)

  2. Three months ago, I changed my entire regiment of food and exercise – BUT – I HAD to draw the line on KALE 🙄 Nope, never gonna happen!!

    1. I have never found it to be anything but a garnish……at least parsley can be used as a breath cleaner….kale is just nasty…period….chuq

      1. It is not chuq…….when ‘caught’ early it is lovely…when ‘caught’ is horrid….
        You have to steam it lightly……
        Spinach is the same…..grin

      2. I’ve eaten kale a few times. Tastes pretty much the same as every other leafy green I’ve had. If it’s better for me than -say- iceburg lettuce (which I’m told is the junkfood of leafy greens)….then why not eat that instead?

        But remember, most North Americans bury what little non-unhealthy food they eat under so much sweet/salty/fatty sauces, cheeses, etc…kale probably spends most of its “goodness” undoing what it’s smothered under.

  3. A whole industry has been devised to help you eat healthy…..meanwhile you drop dead anyway.

    You’re supposed to say “Spoiler Alert!!!”, so as not to ruin things for the people who don’t yet know how something ends. Believe me, there are plenty of people out there who are so stupid, they have no idea they’re going to die.

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