Do You Understand ISIS?

We Americans hate the terrorists of ISIS, right?  But do we actually understand the group?

Of course some will go to great lengths to show their knowledge and basically it will boil down to “ISIS….Bad”……or according to some they will be coming down Main Street any day now……but what do you actually know about the people you hate most?

But it you want to hate someone….maybe a good knowledge of that someone would be helpful….whatya think?

Source: Who, what and where is ISIL? Explaining the Islamic State | Al Jazeera America

You know they are Muslims….and that they have fanatics as members….they have lots of weapons…..and they are extremely barbaric…..and you know you hate them and what they stand for, right?  What else do you know?  I bet some of you think that is enough…..”to defeat a enemy you must know the enemy”(a paraphrase from Starship Troopers)…..

In case you would like to expand what you think you know about ISIS…..

Source: Where is the ‘Strategic Depth’ of the ‘Islamic State’? | Talisman Gate, Again

Did you know that ISIS has the same draw as some of the other “Doomsday” cults from the past?

Source: The doomsday ideology of ISIS – Yahoo News

Please…..before I get some mental midgets jumping up and down….these are provided as informational….I am not endorsing anything with these…..

12 thoughts on “Do You Understand ISIS?

  1. This mental midget thinks it is all very sad……
    Cults prey on the weak ….be they West or East.
    Indoctrination is the name of the game…

      1. Thanx .
        However I would not trust this bunch of ragtags …. the Islamic Front and Jabhat al-Nusra…you can include Recep Tayyip Erdogan as well! I’ll take my luck with Putin.grin

      2. Putin does seem a bit more transparent than the others you mentioned….we are pretty sure what we will get with him….chuq

      3. And that is the point…..I love all things Russian including pickled beet root,cabbage and caviar! Haha not to forget copious amount of neat vodka! grin

      4. True……don’t eat potatoes…bit like the Irish! prefer sweet potatoes…may be the climate has something to do with it..bbrrrrrrrrrr

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