Is It Really All That Healthy?

One of the pleasures that I may still indulge myself is food……I enjoy a good wine, fine cheeses and a filet…..yes I eat red meat….I realize that that may not be too damn fashionable these days but screw it!

I you seen this new drink that is in the supermarkets these days….it is green….and not a good green….looks more like pond scum….but it is so healthy that just looking at it will cut your health problems in half (and overstatement but you get the jest)…..

Today skinny is the way….if you are not skin and bones then there is something seriously wrong with you or your eating habits… these people I have one simple statement for them…..BITE ME!

Anyway….there seems to be a growing problem with so-called “clean eating”……

It’s called “orthorexia”—an obsession with healthy, “clean eating”—and as it gains traction in this age of Instagrammed food photos, some think it should be recognized as its own eating disorder. “It’s really a real fixation,” one nutritionist tells NBC News of those who take things too far. “They almost get like a fan club, especially on social media.” Steven Bratman, a doctor who coined the term back in 1997, says it’s time to recognize it as a type of disorder on par with anorexia but distinct—i.e. the objective isn’t weight loss but purity. Still, many in the medical field cite a lack of sufficient research and too much overlap with currently described disorders, from anorexia to obsessive compulsive disorder, to warrant its own classification, reports the Washington Post. “The dietary obsessions that people get into with anorexia often lead into these kinds of concerns with proper nutrition and healthy eating,” says the director of an eating disorders program. “There’s a great deal of overlap.”

Still, while he says “we treat people based on research,” he concedes it isn’t necessarily a bad thing for people to self-identify with orthorexia and seek to obsess a little less. Which is exactly what former vegan blogger Jordan Younger did—revealing on her wildly-popular Instagram page that she had become so anxious about the food she ate it was making her sick, reports Broadly. Once she went public, she says, “a flood of people came forward saying they identified with me.” Karin Kratina, a 30-year veteran therapist focusing on eating disorders, says the rise in orthorexic patients is “serious” and that the problem is “we have moralized eating, weight, food, and exercise. Food has become presented—more and more—as the answer.” The issue is not without precedent. People can, for instance, exercise themselves right into the grave. But for whatever the reason, eating healthily in moderation is for some easier said than done. (Is healthy eating a privilege of the rich?)

The last question is the best question that could have been asked…….

The more people that drink the “pond scum” the more filets there will be for me…..and for that I thank you……

11 thoughts on “Is It Really All That Healthy?

  1. My Grandparents, their parents, my parents and me — we have all eaten enough stuff that was scientifically dangerous to last multiple lifetimes but all my lineage lived to ripe old ages and none were invalided at the time of their demise (Except my Mom) — I am 77 and going strong — My Grand pap who lived to be a ripe old 88 and who worked as a grave digger and maintenance man in a rock-filled cemetery up until the very night before he went into his coma once shared his secret for vital longevity with me: “Work at the hardest physical labor jobs you can find, eat what ever you want because life is short, drink a glass of water with vinegar in it twice a day, take sassafrass tea once a year, have a bowl of cooked onions once a day and a pint of good Kentucky Whiskey and a beer once a week .. in a glass .. with salt in the foam … keep company with as many women of quality as can be found .. read your New Testament each day … pray before going to bed … walk everywhere you can and stay out of as many of them fancy auty-moombiles as you can … don’t never get into an aeroplane … always have either a pet cat, dog, monkey or mule … kill your own chickens … smoke your own meat … grow your own tobacco … pay your taxes … and keep your shotgun handy in case of varmints.”

    1. Sounds like my grandfather….only he lived to be 91 ate 6 eggs a day…..smoked a pack of Chesterfields a day and he worked as a stone mason….

    2. It’s worth remembering that your Grandpa ate REAL food his whole life. There were no GMO crops, no chemical pesticides & everything was organic. Stuff was bred for taste, not shelf life. Food just didn’t need any of these fancy labels. In fact, hardly any food HAD labels in those days, which is a big “SPOILER ALERT” right there.

      There was a general lack of processed food & eating out. Portions were smaller. Even eating badly by the standards of his day was a damn sight better than “eating well” is today. Plus, he kept in shape thanks to the physical labour and walking. They didn’t have cars, but we design our cities so that nobody can walk anywhere.

      Considering what a joke medical care was then compared to now, how dangerous work was, how everybody smoked & drank so much…if they stopped doing that and had our health care, those guys would easily outlive us all by 20+ years and be healthy right to their last year. Meanwhile, most of us (younger than the oldtimers around here anyway) will be at Death’s Door for our last 25 years, kept alive PURELY by modern medicine & Big Pharma.

  2. Somewhat guilty. I try to stay along the perimeter of the store and I’m happy alcohol is a part of that perimeter and so is beef. Ha! Lately I’ve been doing grass-fed because someone tricked me into eating it and it was delicious. I just buy the least expensive batch. My uncle made the excellent point that pesticides travel so if that organic farm is next to the conventional one, you could be wasting money. There are foods i rarely eat but only cuz i hate the taste.

    I laugh at pond scum. Some of it contains more sugar than a candy bar and TWO servings per bottle. Thanks for the Sunday laugh.

    1. I try to grow as much veggies as I can every year…..not much land so it is a small plot…..I do have citrus trees, pear, plum, peach and fig… I eat a lot of fruit….

    2. Yeah, with the entry of food industry giants into the health food market, health food is getting a lot less healthy. Stick enough sugar into pond scum and people will drink it. It won’t be healthy anymore, but sales will skyrocket!

  3. I suspect this “orthorexia” term is probably just a load of bollocks from a douchebag trying to sell a book. Or like Climate Skeptics, he’s on-the-take from the “food” industry. I don’t know. But this term is just a little tooooo cutesy for me. One thing I do know is that any behaviour that’s even mildly unusual these days has to be turned into a fucking “disorder” that requires giving piles of money to shrinks and Big Pharma.

    “Oh, some people are really serious about eating healthy. Much more serious than the rest of us. Must be something seriously wrong…with them! Give ’em a daily handful of pills, weekly sessions on the couch …and some deep fried butter sprinkled with a coating of sugar!”

    Self-proclaimed “normal” people really hate to be called out, or left in the dust by the truly committed. (See: public opinion of Ed Begely Jr) “Why, people like that outta be committed! (so I can continue to pretend that what I do is perfectly fine.)”

    Exactly what’s wrong with living your principles the best you can? No. In this day & age, that’s considered a dangerous mental disorder. To be “normal” you’ve got to continuously violate your own principles. You got to be a lazy, sellout, whore. That’s normal!

    By the very definition of the word “eating healthy”, eating healthy CAN NOT BE UNHEALTHY! Sure, the health merits of some things are vastly overblown. And there are plenty of bullshit fads that actually do damage. But if there’s facts to back it up, healthy eating is healthy eating. Perspective Reversal: So where is the “mental disorder” label for the folks obsessed with fast food, deep-fried food, and bacon wrapped everything. Aside from high-fives and constant encouragement from peers & corporations, the only label given to them is “obese”. Nobody EVER questions the sanity of it because it’s “normal”.

    Sure, some folks are just nuts and choose to express it through their eating habits. But, first & foremost, they’re nuts to begin with! Then again, “nutcase” healthy eaters look pretty fucking normal compared to the folks on these TV shows dedicated to people who eat toilet paper, furniture and even car parts. Bottom line, there’s a lot of crazies in every movement, even the most positive of movements. (environmental, anti-corporate, etc) Some crack under the stress of combating an insane “normal” world. Others were just crazy to start. But at least settled on something positive. They could have just as easily settled on a gun fixation.

    And then there’s people who just are in it for the social competition, the desire to be seen as superior to others. From that perspective, the craziness of posting pictures of their healthy lunches makes a LOT more sense. Instead of blaming “clean eating”, the actual insanity lies in the needy attention-seeking that causes people to share every fucking detail about themselves with the entire world. Anybody posting shit about their lives on the Inter-tubes using their real name is batshit crazy. PERIOD! It doesn’t matter much that it’s pictures of their lunch they’re posting. It could be their car, their kids, their guns, their other cocks…whatever.

    It’s fucking insane…er…I mean “perfectly normal”.

      1. Oh yeah. The KFC Double Down might even be my “favourite”. Only in our ultra-sick, ultra-spoiled, society can deep fried meat get reduced to the role of “bread” in a sandwich. The name alone conjures up negative, self-destructive, behaviour (gambling) and uses it as a selling point. There’s your first clue, Sherlocks!

        Double down on fat. Double down on heart & stroke. Double down on diabetes.

        The problem is that these food obscenities have been so “normalized” that singling in on one is just way too hard.

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