Democracy Vs Republicanism

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Subject:  Democracy/Republicanism/Government

First of all, by republicanism (it is a small “R”) is not the same as the GOP in any way, although they would like for the voter to think that it is, but in reality it is NOT!

I have been reading and posting on political blogs for over 7 years now and find the whole debate on whether the US is a democracy or a republic…while it is a confusing argument for most people to follow…it is NOT as confusing as the politicians and the pundit would have you believe…….

In my years of political activism I have been chastised for using the term democracy to explain our governance….most time it has been someone in the conservative camp….they inevitably try to correct my thinking by saying that the US is not a democracy but rather a republic….well yes that is true….but I point out that one is not necessarily exclusive of the other……it seems it is in their minds because they can point to the fact that being conservative, ergo Repub, that it gives them some sort of claim to expertise…sorry but it does not!

It is an argument that will not voluntarily go away… let me help them out a bit….

While democracy is a complex political concept it is defined as……political orientation of those who favor government by the people or by their elected representatives….and that pretty much tells the tale of the governance in the US….we vote for people to represent us in the nation’s capital, whether they are adequate or not makes NO difference….we voted, they rule….we have a democracy.  And to imply that democracy means some sort of mob rule is just plain absurd.

With that said….what about republicanism?  Sorry guys but.. ….the political orientation of those who hold that a republic is the best form of government…….but that does not help, now does it?  Then how about this?

1.  a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.
2.  any body of persons viewed as a commonwealth.
3.  a state in which the head of government is not a monarch or other hereditary head of state.

I know that this will not stop the pretend lecturing of others by those that somehow think that republicanism is somehow different from democracy….but unfortunately they will be mistaken in their chastisement of others who use democracy to describe the governance well all live with….democracy by any other name is still….DEMOCRACY!

14 thoughts on “Democracy Vs Republicanism

  1. Good post. In gact, I’ve never been able to see the difference, since they both calim to aspire to produce government OF the people BY the people, by whatever mechanical means they devise…

    …of course, that’s NOT what any of us actually end up with, but there you go, that’s life as we know it, eh?

    Equally, though, it occurs to me to ask: if we have a representative democracy in which it makes no f*cking difference who we vote for because they are all owned by the same gang, then is that effectively a dictatorship? Indeed, is it more of a mafia (small “m”) than the Cosa Nostra?

    Just asking… 👿

    1. That is my point…..too many think there really is a difference and love to call democracy mob rule…..there is NO difference! They want to pretend that there is and try to massage the republicanism thing as some sort of conservative alternate to mob rule…..

      1. The nearest system to mob rule is anarchism, but even that’s not entirely true, though in practical terms that’s what it turns out to be.

        Democracy is anything but that – even if we had democracy, which we don’t!

      2. True……but some want us to believe that democracy is somehow different from a republic……they like the word republicanism (small “R”)…..that it makes them some how more legit than others….

  2. they inevitably try to correct my thinking by saying that the US is not a democracy but rather a republic….

    Definitely. I’ve also seen that they use “democracy” just as much.

    1. Hi Spinny—-I just wish that everyone would stop trying to make up a definition that they like……democracy by any other name is still…..wait for it……democracy.

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