Washington Needs A Civics Class


The clowns that we have elected are in the process of debating (if you call appearances on cable as debating) how to get a budget without shutting down the government…..but as usual some politico just has toi say something stupid….this time it is the House majority whip, Eric Cantor……

House Republicans will introduce legislation, likely by the end of this week, that would make it so that if Congress is unable to come to an agreement over an operating budget, the GOP’s version would simply become law of the land.

Announced by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Wednesday, the legislation would make it so that “if the Senate fails to pass a measure before April 6, 2011 providing for the appropriations of the departments and agencies of the Government for the remainder of fiscal year 2011, H.R. 1 (as passed by the House on February 19, 2011) becomes law.” The bill also stipulates that Members of Congress and the President will not get salary payments in the event of a shutdown or the U.S. debt limit being reached.

First of all…….WTF?  Did I miss something while I was asleep?  NOTHING and I repeat that for those that may have not been paying attention…..NOTHING becomes law without a vote in the House and a signature of the president……I think Cantor needs a “F” in Civics 101…..or maybe this what they want…..total control and no need for a process that has served us well in the past (unfortunately it is NOT working so well in the past 20 years)…….

10 thoughts on “Washington Needs A Civics Class

      1. We-ell, not quite (IMO). I’d say the CORPORATIONS find them and the voters elect them… etc… etc…

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