Remember When The World Was Flat?

About 500 years ago people thought that the world was flat and that if one traveled far enough then one would fall off the edge into oblivion…..Good old Chris (that would be Columbus not Krinkle) set off to prove the skeptics wrong…….and he did (probably to his amazement also)……

Now the question is, 500 years later, is the universe flat?

In a story in the BBC…..

While the idea of the Earth being flat preoccupied explorers centuries ago, the question of whether the Universe itself is flat remains a debatable topic.

Dark energy – purported to make up 73% of the known Universe – was proposed as the source of the ongoing expansion of everything in the cosmos. Astronomers have also observed that this expansion of the Universe seems to be accelerating.

Even though gravity holds that everything should attract everything else, in every direction astronomers look there is evidence that things are in fact moving apart – with those objects further away moving faster.

Dark energy is believed to pervade the essence of space and time, forcing a kind of “anti-gravity” that fits cosmologists’ equations but that is otherwise a mysterious quantity.

The results suggest that the Universe is made up of about 70% dark energy.The team’s conclusions suggest the Universe is indeed flat – an assumption first put forth by Albert Einstein and seemingly confirmed by more recent observations but that remains one of the most difficult ideas to put on solid theoretical footing.

Damn!  That Albert dude was a smart cookie!  Just think of the money they would have saved if they had just listened to the man fifty years ago… who will be the explorer to test the theory?

7 thoughts on “Remember When The World Was Flat?

  1. I think the universe is more like Northern Alabama, kinda hilly, lots of potholes, and borders Tennessee. Im trying to get a grant from Auburn to prove this, but so far no luck. Happy Holidays

  2. What are you talking about? Who is this Columbus guy? Another bloody Liberal, I’ll bet!

    Are you trying to make out the world is not flat, apart from a few hills and valleys?

    I’m sure Sarah Palin will have something to say about this on Fox News. I mean to say – we’ve all known the world is flat for the last 6,500 years since it and everything else was first made by Him up there…

    So, all that being incontravertible fact, why would the universe also be flat? Apply a bit of logic! Get a grip man!

      1. Ah… See? My own fault again! I forgot to bribe – er… pay the right fees – to the right people…

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