The Obama Legacy

I have said all along that foreign policy would be the most important issue in 2016…..the problem is NO one of the candidates wants to talk about the issue seriously….instead we get platitudes, catch phrases and applause lines…..none of which really illustrates their knowledge of international situations.

Back in 2008 Obama was awarded the Nobel peace Prize because of his rhetoric…he had NOTHING as far as deeds but he talked a good game…..I said then that it was nothing but a PR stunt and that the commission would regret the awarding of the prize…..

And then everyone starting noticing that it was ignorant to award it to Obama…..

In his 2008 campaign, Barack Obama was, if not particularly ideologically committed, quickly branded as the comparatively antiwar candidate. It wasn’t a hard case to make, with Sen. John McCain (R – AZ) running an intensely pro-war campaign.

But Obama’s dubious antiwar bonafides were quickly embraced internationally, where he was heralded as a peacemaker of historical proportions and, in 2009, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize just nine months into his first term in office. He hadn’t really done anything yet, and the prize was seen as an advanced award for the things he was expected to do.

Source: Despite Nobel Peace Prize, Obama’s Presidency Defined by Constant War — News from

Meanwhile back to the election of 2016……

……..presidential debate is unlikely to have much substance. It’s nothing new—throughout the presidential election season, concerns over personality and character have trumped even the pretense of a focus on actual issues. Donald Trump’s tenuous relationship with the truth makes this a particularly acute post-truth election but it isn’t the first one. Neither is it the first post-issues election.

When it comes to foreign policy, it has been decades since there’s been any kind of substantive domestic electoral debate. In the 2008 presidential election cycle, then Senator-Barack Obama got a lot of mileage out of his opposition to the Iraq War, when he was a state senator representing Hyde Park, one of the most liberal constituencies in Chicago. His primary opponent, then-Senator Hillary Clinton had not only voted for the 2002 authorization of the use of military force in Iraq but had also become one of its most vocal proponents, helping to forge a now conveniently forgotten bipartisan consensus.

Source: Trump, Clinton Foreign Policy Nonsense a Reflection of the Obama Legacy – Hit & Run :

No matter the winner in November the legacy of Obama will dictate that our foreign policy will change little and that war will be the rule of the day for years to come.

So much for the change we all are looking for…..right?

5 thoughts on “The Obama Legacy

  1. I think you mischaracterize Obama’s foreign policy. If Clinton or a Republican had been President over the last few years, we would be much more at war than we are. What I appreciate about Obama’s approach is that he is willing to let (force) others to take the lead and try to minimize America’s role. It seems he shifted his approach a few years ago. This has led to some messes. Syria is, of course, the best example. But again, going back to if somebody else had been President — we would have far more boots on the ground in Syria and far more in Iraq fighting ISIS. We wouldn’t be advising the Iraqi’s on Mosul and providing air support — we would be the invading force. Again.

    And who knows where else at this point.

    So, are we still engaged in military actions overseas? Yes. But to a much lesser extent than we might otherwise be.

    1. I lots all respect for his foreign policy when DoD head Hagel was forced out….his ideas were more in line with mine…and then they put a war hawk like Carter in I knew it would be bad and so far I have not been wrong.

  2. One of the all-time greatest long cons ever pulled off by a sleazy grifter, I would say…

    I think he set a new record for the sheer number of times he lied, though, with either of the most probable successors, that is liable to fall quickly.

    That is his legacy; dishonesty and passive-aggressive glad-handing.

    gigoid, the dubious

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